Saturday, September 13, 2008

weird dreams

So night before last I had two disturbing dreams. The first one has a little bit of a back story to it, so bear with me while I relate that: A few weeks ago we were at story hour at the library and I heard Adrienne protesting something, I could tell she was upset (I was talking to another mom and A. was sitting in a chair across the room, she'd been playing with the other little girls there) so I turned and went closer and as I approached I saw and heard this little boy yelling in her face about how she had to tell the truth and not lie. Fine lesson to teach, poor way to teach it. I listened for a sec as I approached and heard him yell "You HAVE to tell the TRUUUUTH, DON"T LIE!" And as Adrienne began to protest I said "Adrienne, lets not argue" and before I could get another word out to ask what the problem was the kid says to her, totally snotty, "Yeah, don't argue." I turned to the little punk (ok, so thats a bit harsh, he's only 4) and said "I'm her MOMMY, I will take care of it." Took her by the hand and lead her away from him. Then I knelt down and asked her why she was so upset and what he'd said to her. "He told me my ears aren't pierced!" She lamented (she was almost crying). I consoled her, "He's boy, honey, he probably doesn't even know what having pierced ears means. You DO have pierced ears and you didn't lie. Its ok." I have tried to steer her clear of that boy as much as I can when we're in the same places because I think he's a bit of an antagonist. Its hard, though, because he has a sister and Adrienne loves to play games with other little girls. She'll play with boys, too, but its that princess/ballerina/jewelry thing. lol Anyway, the kid's mom was clueless. I think she saw me taking Adrienne away from her son, and may have seen me say something to him, but she didn't inquire what went on so she may not have realized at all. Heck, if she had she might not have done anything about it anyway. I can see a parent saying "Well he's right, it IS wrong to lie" to defend their own kid. So I have this annoyance about this little boy because I don't like the way he treated my baby, which is probably pathetic of me since he's only 4 or 5 but there is no way I'm going to expose my kids to someone who isn't going to play nice.

ANYWAY, backto the dream. In my first dream Tiffany was here visiting me (love ya Tiff!!) and we were sitting in my living room when this mom and her kids waltz into my house. Tiff and I look at one another and she says, audibly, "What the hell?!" (As only SHE can--anyone who knows her knows what I mean). The woman has a stroller with her youngest sitting in it, and then each of her older 2 kids is pushing their own mini-sized strollers (most people don't have cars here, so we either walk everywhere or take cabs) and all begin unloading bags and bags of groceries--way more than can fit in a stroller, and I know first hand you can chuck A LOT in a stroller. I said, trying not to be offensive, "Um, what are you doing?" And the mom says "Oh, we just thought we'd stop by to visit." Tiff and I exchange weirded out looks. Then she starts yelling at one of her kids, and when I tried to give some words of encouragement to try and calm her down--I forget exactly what I said, something like "Hey why don't you tak a break and come talk?"--she turns on me and starts screaming incoherently, right in my face. Her face was fire-engine-red and I was totally terrified and freaked out. I looked at my stroller and the wheel was broken. I think "Oh shit, how am I going to get out of here and get my kids away from this crazy woman?" So trying to make it look like I'm not freaking out I lay down on the floor (psychotic, I know) and talk with Tiff some more, discussing the broken wheel and what to do about it. The crazy lady (she's not really crazy in real life) turns like NOTHING had just happened and says you can buy replacement wheels down range (off the militry base). Then she comes over and lays basically on top of me and starts saying weird stuff and stroking my face in an attempt to apologize for her insane outburst. I say, "Uh, ok... could you get off of me? I have to go to the bathroom." And then I grab my broken stroller, lightning quick, and Tiff and I race out of there with my kids.

Needless to say it was a little weird seeing them at the library yesterday for story hour!!!! haha

Then in my second dream someone wanted to kidnap my children. I was in a weird building with long hallways and weird narrow stiarcases trying to hide from them. We had an apartment or something there that we were staying in. At one point we went out and I went into this little diner on the other side of the building (it was big) and I heard someone say that we were the people they were looking for so I snatched up my girls and dragged them away as fast as I could. We got lost trying to get back to the apartment, but when I made it back I was alone. Charlotte was inside asleep so I left her there and went into the hall. I saw someone going through to the outside with Adrienne and Genevieve so I shut the door (I didn't lock it, I couldn't find the key) and ran after them screaming and yelling as we got into the street. They let go and left my girls next to the stairs outside the building, so I took them by the hands and ran back to the apartment to make sure Charlotte was still safe. But I woke up before I got there.

The horrible irony of this is that Adrienne got lost in the PX yesterday. She wandered around the corner and was looking at some toys on the aisle end (BOTH Matt and I were there) and got lost coming back.... I mean, seriously, she must have turned the wrong corner, got confused and just wandered. It was like a minute (literally, I had just looked over and watched her playing with the toys she wasn't separated for very long) and she was on the other side of the store. So we had a long talk about staying with Mommy and Daddy so you don't get lost. Its stuff like that, though, that makes you feel like a bad parent. Dang.

On another note, I found a youtube poster that I think is hilarious. If you can get over the fact that he is gay (which is probably why he's so funny) and that you will obviously have some issues on the few occasions he mentions politics--and that one of his favorite words is "bitches"--you'll probably get a kick out of him. William Sledd "Ask A Gay Man." He does these little clips about fashion, which are hilarious. Even if you don't agree with him he's hilarious. I sat down and watched all 40 something of his clips last night. What a waste of time. But it was funny. I mean, yeah, he's got to occasional boring clip, but a lot of them are freaking funny.

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