Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's freakin’ cold out.

Seriously cold. I called for a taxi and we froze our little tushies off waiting for it. They said "on the way" and we waited for at least 15 minutes. It was ridiculous. The guy I finally flagged down.... yeah, I'm pretty sure he wasn't coming for us. lol But, Charlotte's hands are all better (for those not in the know, she burned them on the oven door--the taxi was for taking her back up to the ER to get the burns looked at one last time). No more wrapping them in gauze, yay! (She's also getting in all 4 of her top front teeth.)

We went out to dinner this evening with some Korean friends of ours. The food was reaallly good. We had some mandu (I'm not certain thats how its really spelled, but thats how it sounds), mixed rice, and noodle soup. Soooo good. But, go figure, Adrienne was a Koosner and didn't want/like any of it so then they took us out to Korean Pizza Hut! It was SO nice of them.

Also, this afternoon a friend came over to hang out and we made bunches of cookies together. Good times. :) All in all today was a good day but a loooong one. I can't figure out if this next week and a half is going to go by very quickly or very slowly. Matt is out doing some training exercises and won't be back for almost 2 weeks. One day without the man and I already miss him.

I'm using this blogging time as my 15 minute time, so, taking a few moments to reflect on myself... I have a pretty damn awesome life. For reals. Great husband, beautiful kids. I am content. I am happy. This isn't to brag, but I was thinking.... I dwell on the negatives way too much. I say things, or think them, and the next thought it "Crap. I'm such a bad person." I need to focus on positives. (My word, Charlotte is SO happy to have those bandages off her hands. lol If y'all could see her!) Baking is positive, and motherly. So is sewing, and singing.... I'm trying to do a lot more of those things. They are also theraputic, helps work off some frustration. I must have been stressed out on some level recently, and I know this sounds stupid and girly, but my nails were in poor shape and weren't growing very quickly. Normally they grow really fast--they're not tough as steel, but they grow fast and look nice. And they just haven't been. They're starting to look good again, so I think I'm back to my normal old self... whatever that is. Stress does funny things to us. I didn't think I was stressed, but I think my body has been trying to tell me in various ways and I'm finally picking up the clues. Too bad my brain isn't quite up to speed with the rest of me. haha My contacts are starting to freak out on me a little I should probably go.... and I've spent more than 15 minutes sitting here thinking about random things like why my fingernails must show my stress levels. So whats this mean? My life is great and I'm a freak. I think that pretty much sums it up. lol I'm awesome.

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