Monday, August 30, 2010


I have teabags glued to my fingernails. Well, not whole teabags. Pieces of them. The other day I was looking at youtube and I found a video of this gal showing how to repair broken fingernails with teabags and superglue. Cynic that I am I thought it was total BS.

Then two days ago I sliced halfway through my thumbnail with a large santoku knife. When I weighed the options between having a stumpy fingernail or trying out a teabag I opted to try and save it. It really works. I've since applied it to two more nails that got banged around and were breaking for various reasons.

I own you an apology, youtube girl.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

That's my job.

This morning when I went into the kitchen Adrienne didn't hear me and she jumped when she turned around and saw me.

"You scared me, Mom!" She said.

I told her, "Yeah, that's my job."

She smiled and said, "Yeah, and my job is to be your helper!"

I have no idea how the related those two things in her mind, but it was so darn cute. haha It may have been because she had started to help get oatmeal ready for her sisters and herself.

Various and Sundry

I haven't been very motivated lately, since coming back from visiting family. Things have been a little busy getting back into the swing of things. I have started school with the girls again.

Genevieve is really just starting, I have gone over a few letters and numbers with her. She is learning to write her name. She still holds her pencil wrong, but I don't want to force the issue. I figure she will do whatever is most comfortable and I will just encourage her to try holding it properly. She was excited to do school today, which is a positive sign. She has been very determined with her coloring, too. I have noticed that she tries desperately to keep her colors in the lines when she uses a coloring book. She does really well with it, too. I think she's going to be a lot easier to teach this year than Adrienne was when she was 5. And if she isn't I'll just wait a little longer. I think she wants to learn to read, though. When I tell her a letter and the sound it makes she repeats it, whereas Adrienne would shut down on me. When A was ready she was ready and soaked it right up, though. I am not certain Genevieve will be the same way, but I think she is ready to start and is more open to it now than when A was this age. It's not really fair to compare them, I guess, I'm more just reflecting on the differences between them. Genevieve has always been a little more independent.

I went over the Dolch word list with Adrienne. I took her from the pre-primer words straight through the third grade words, and all the nouns. She only got 5 wrong. I was really proud of her. To test her spelling and handwriting I had her write out the pre-primer words (38 words). She got 5 wrong and wrote two letters backwards. Again, very proud of her. Her reading skills have taken great leaps and bounds over the summer. Then we did math... and I knew I should have had her do a little here and there over the summer and didn't. I practically had to start back at square one explaining her addition and subtraction again. We're going to need to work at math a lot this year. I don't have any worries about her reading. She loves it; often I catch her reading a book when she's supposed to be doing something else, like cleaning up a mess. I have threatened to take the book away if she doesn't obey, and the chore gets done mighty quick. She loves her books. She loves reading to her sisters and brother, which I love.

Charlotte didn't do any schooling, but she's only 3 so I don't feel like it's necessary to push her into it yet. She was good and played with Xander while we did our work. While we were working my friend Liz called and invited us to go watch Nanny McPhee Returns with them this afternoon. So when the girls were all done I rewarded them with the movie. They really enjoyed it. Xander even sat still through most of it. Charlotte was very attentive to the movie, except for about 5 minutes where she was up and moving around. We mostly had the theater to ourselves so I wasn't worried about her moving along the row in front of us. She has been drawing a lot more lately. I can see how she's mostly progressed from scribbles to trying to draw people and things. She doesn't seem to have a strong desire to draw people, though, she usually wants someone else to draw it for her. Sometimes she still scribbles and sometimes I can see a distinct face in what she's colored.

Xander is rapidly becoming a rotten little monkey. He has been climbing on everything. Onto chairs and tables. Onto footstools. Onto the paper shredder (I keep it unplugged so he can't get hurt on it). Problem of course is the little koosner can't climb back down off anything. I have to keep my chair pulled away from the computer desk because he will climb on top of it if I don't. I am going to go ahead and blame my sister's house for this. I don't think it would have occurred to him if he hadn't discovered stairs there. He also is a total poop machine. Every time I get his diaper off him he runs away and shats somewhere. I feel like he pooped 5 times today (only once on the floor, thank God). How in the world does he manage to create so much? He doesn't even eat that much! Aside from poop and climbing, though, he is an angel. He has become very generous with kisses. Oh! Little stinker that he is, he climbed up on my toilet and began throwing everything I had on the back of it onto the floor. When I scolded him for it he kissed me. Like that's going to make it all better! HA! WTH? He's too young for those tricks! Yes, an angel. I love hearing him play with the girls and run back and forth with them. He cackles and laughs so hard.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Great WalMart Adventure

So today we went to Wal Mart. I stuck my son in the cart, plopped my Charlotte in the basket and made the other two trot alongside. Went in, rounded the corner, grabbed some contact solution (Opti Free Replenish, fyi), turned to go seek out the next item on my list when I am hailed from the child in the basket of the cart.

"I have to peeeee!"

So I turned back to the front of the store and made all three girls go in and do their business. Even though Genevieve said she didn't have to go she did. I know their tricks. As soon as I'm halfway through the store they start in with the "I have to go to the bathroom"-ing.

They finish, we proceed. I toss a few more items into my cart and am accosted by two women (each one had one child with them). One was a sweet black girl, and the other was a white chick with hair that almost brush the floor. I am not shitting you. She probably could sweep her kitchen with it. They were dressed very modestly, skirts to their ankles and layered shirts. I knew as soon as they opened their mouths what they were about. I listened politely and chatted for a few minutes.

Then they invited me to their church. Their Baptist church. And their weekday prayer meetings. And their old fashioned big tent revival. Even after I told them I am a regular Church goer and I attend Mass on post. I thanked them for the invitation and noted how Xander was getting restless and I needed to get moving.

Thank you Xander for getting restless. Bless those women, I just am not really comfortable with being cornered like that. And it happens ALL the time. I feel this is unique to the South. That never, ever happened to me up North.

So I finish the majority of my shopping and Charlotte tells me that she's got to pee again. I grab my last two things, go pay (because I knew she could hold it since she went less than 45 minutes before that). I waited outside the bathroom again with Xander and my carload of merchandise, sent Adrienne in with Charlotte, and Genevieve followed along, apparently just for the hell of it.

I'm waiting, talking to Xander, watching people walk by. When I hear a horrible wailing coming from the bathroom. It only took me a second to recognize that as MY child. I snatched up my purse and Xander and rushed in. Adrienne and Genevieve were hanging out by the sink, Charlotte was locked in her stall. I called in to her and asked if she was ok, if she was hurt. She opened the door wailing and gesturing to the john. I asked if she fell. She said yes. When I asked if she fell IN or OFF she said no. So I asked again what was wrong.

"My dolly in the toilet!"

When I had walked to her door the toilet was flushing.

"You flushed your dolly down the toilet?"

"Yeeesssss!!!" More crying.

It was SO hard not to laugh. I mean, it was only a Polly Pocket, easily replaced. But she was heartbroken over it. The whole scenario was HILARIOUS. I told her not to worry, we had more at home and we could always buy another one. She calmed down and we left the store. Apparently she dropped it when she flushed. I'm still not sure on the details exactly.

But, seriously, who else's kid flushes a doll down the toilet in Wal Mart?

Monday, August 16, 2010


I want my house to look like a Pottery Barn catalog. Everything just looks so light and fresh. And would be such amazing back drops for photography. Such amazing light for photography. I know, it's all tricks of lights and lamps and crap, but I can dream. I mean, if my hospital room had such great natural light (a year ago when Xander was born) a house should be able to have light sources equally amazing to that. That's what I want. And I always end up in houses and apartments with windows facing the wrong direction. I can't even grow a freaking potted plant on my kitchen windowsill.

Life is so unfair.

Not that my gardening adventures this year were successful by any measure. My potted flowers out front shriveled up and died. My seeds never sprouted. Even after several attempts. All I wanted were a couple of freaking nasturtium seeds to sprout. And maybe some basil. As a gardener I fail. I will never, ever be able to make my way just living off the land. I'd starve to death. I'd probably have to start eating grass.

That's no goal of mine, though. That's Matt's pipe dream. Livin' off the land and self-sufficiency. I'll take my Targets and Wal Marts and Krogers, than you very much. All I really want in a future home are some big windows so I have have nice lighting to take an indoor picture. All my other wants in life can be pretty easily met, eventually. That dang light thing, though, always escapes me.

Oh, and a walk-in pantry. Because we have one now and I never want to be without one again. That pantry is my favorite part of this house. I don't even like the kitchen. Just the pantry.

Walk-in pantries and big windows to fill my home with light. That's my pipe-dream.

For now at any rate.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pure Logic

Frequently at meal times when my kids start asking what we will be eating I tell them that I am going to roast, grill, boil, or broil them and eat them for dinner. They usually squeal and yell "Noooo!"

Tonight, however, I was met with a different response. A bit of genius from my own dear Genevieve.

"You cannot eat us! We are dirty! See? Look at our feet!"

I laughed. Can't argue with that logic.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I like things the way they are.

OK, so back home again. I need to buckle back down and compose, lets those inner thoughts fly free. I will be getting my new computer in the next few weeks so that's a huge plus. Matt approved my choice, which makes me feel good because I had my sister purchase the same computer for herself. And I'd have felt like shit for making a 19 year old college student buy a POS machine. I also didn't let the sales girl strong arm Mary into buying a bunch of crap she doesn't need. Why pay $40 for anti-virus software when there are really good programs out there for free? So now that I have the decision making part out of the way all I have to do is wait till some more money comes through the bank and either run out and buy it or order it online.

I have decided that my husband might just be a total sucker for me. At least it's mutual. The other day he said that he hadn't gotten me anything for my birthday and he'd have to do something special for me later. Now, I'm never one to say no to presents from him. I like that he loves me so much that he'll do just about anything to make me happy. But I kinda had thought that the computer would be my birthday present. I know I said it to him at least twice. I'm going to go ahead and say that it does not make me a bad person that I will most likely let that one slip under the radar and let him get or do whatever he wants for me. I mean, if he wants to do something special for me who am I to tell him no?

It's really the little things that are my favorites, though. Don't get me wrong, I love that I can convince him to buy me a new camera or that he's totally agreeable to buying me a new computer when mine dies. Love that he is that generous with me. But, there are little things throughout the day that I cherish. I love that he always kisses me hello and goodbye, he usually says I love you multiple times a day. He rubs my back and feet without me ever having to ask. He just does these things because he likes being near me. I don't owe him any favors for doing it, there's never a "my turn" or "your turn", he just does things for me. I think he might be getting the short end of the stick, actually. I rarely rub his back and I never rub his feet.

Because let's be honest here, feet are kinda gross.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Personalized license plates crack me up. I mean, seriously, I don't know how people come up with this crap. While driving around the city these last few days I have been making note of exceptionally odd plates. Nonna V is sweet, proud little grandma. Mom of 1 I found humorously strange. RJStark was nothing new, people put their names on their plate all the time. These are typical vanity plates, I think. Pretty standard. I know a family that has some variation of their last name for their license plates. Both parents, and 4 of their grown children (their 5th may have it as well, but I don't think I've seen her car). But then you have your weird ones.

When I saw qute bug I was really confused as to what the heck they were trying to get across. They were driving an SUV. gsorry made me chuckle but also speculate all the random things "g" could stand for. Like gangsta. That would be cool.

Two of my favorites were awa fada and blvdat. When I saw the first one I half wondered if it was some Arabic saying, but halfway through that thought the lights came on and I got it. And loved it.

bihater made my eyes bug out. I really can't think of anything it could possibly mean aside from the obvious. On the other hand runnaked had me laughing out loud. Until I passed them and saw the people in the car. And it's not that they were ugly or anything, but once you know what someone looks like you don't often want a mental image of them running naked. twylighter pretty much had me wanting to run that grown woman off the road. Not a teenybopper, but a grown ass woman at least as old as I am. I don't really have the patience for fangirls.

At the end of the day I'm still not sure if I love vanity plates or if I think they are ridiculous. The one thing I know for sure is that they very frequently make me laugh. So I guess that's a point in their favor.