Saturday, September 13, 2008


Current mood: exhausted

I've been dealing with head colds and stomach-bugs since Thursday. I'm a little tuckered out. I think what I need is to have a nice glass of wine and sit back and realx with some peace and quiet. Enjoy my time doing nothing. Sounds like a good plan.

I have opened this with no thought out plan of what I want to say, just sort of winging it. I have no real profound thoughts. This is me feeling a slight headache and a little drained. My girls are all in bed--in their beds at the very least, sleeping at the very best. :) The house is nice and quiet.

Mmmm.... back with a nice glass of wine. The past week has been getting to me. Too much time indoors, not enough fresh air... I'm tired, I haven't had a break from any of it. I need Matt. Need to lean on him. How the hell did I do it for a year and a half without him? lol

Girls have been up, had a snack and a drink and are back off to bed... so much for 15 uninterupted minutes. haha Just when I was beginning to focus, too. I can hear them giggling as they settle back to bed. Having a sister is great. They are life-long friends.

After two days of wiping runny noses and being thrown up on... I need to de-stress. If Matt were here I'd ask him for a nice long back rub. And no matter how tired and sore HE was from work, he'd do it for me. *sigh* yeah... I really miss him right now. How does this relate to me? Well, on focusing on me I am very much aware of the pain in the back of my neck and shoulders... he would want me to feel better, he would make me feel better. He wants whats best for me. I wore 4 of his shirts when Charlotte was sick.... that is, Charlotte threw up on 4 of his shirts while I was wearing them. Oops. haha I've done about 6 loads of laundry in the past 2 days.

This is sad, I'm so tired that I'm not even saying anything interesting. This has got to be the dullest blog known to man. BUT, this is my 15 minutes, this is what I was thinking. So... take it or leave it. HA.

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