Saturday, September 13, 2008


Sunday worship... it's an interesting thing. I myself am a regular Church-goer. (The very fact that I capitalize Church probably is a huge indicator that I'm Catholic... another interesting thing to note.) I find it (lets be redundant here) interesting to observe people who worship at other churches, too. I've noticed that a lot of Caucasian Christians are a bit more relaxed in their church attire, where as their black (I don't use the PC term "African American", not all black people came from Africa, and in my multi-racial family the black people say black) counterparts are much more in tune with their formal side. Dresses, 3 piece suits and neck ties... a very dashing group of people. They always make me feel a little under-dressed when I see them.

My favorite group to watch gathers in their parking lot first. They stand around their cars and trucks and converse, clad in their Sunday finery. When the time comes they move into the chapel, the pillars standing tall around them. The light dapples over them, and as they move into their favorite spots you see bright flashes of color among the more somber shades. Some of them sit, patiently listening. Some kneel, and still others prostrate themselves. They spend large quantities of money on their adornments. I find it ironic that their place of worship is rather humble in contrast, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose. There is silence, and then a shout. A bright flash of color, someone jumps, someone ducks, someone gets hit. And someone leaves the place of worship earlier than he expected. But it's all in the name of fellowship. And they all come back again next week.

I'm not talking about Baptists, or Pentecostals, or non-denominationals... I'm talking about the folks who worship at the paintball park. They are by far the most humorous group to watch gather.

Monday afternoon ETA: These diligent worshipers were at it from 11 AM yesterday till 6 PM. I know this because I was running a bazillion errands and saw them. haha

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