Saturday, September 13, 2008

a month? seriously?

I guess this month has gone by faster than I realized. I knew for a while I was in a no-blogging funk. Just couldn't find the motivation to post anything. But here I am. :)

We're all doing well. Looking forward to the weekend (already, I know!). Adrienne is my big helper, Genevieve is getting potty trained, and Charlotte is getting chubby. haha

Adrienne helps me with dishes and mopping floors. She cleans her bedroom (Genevieve "helps," too, which is darling, but Adrienne is actually effective). She even has her own swiffer. I have to be more creative in letting her (them) help me because I am one of those "LEAVE ME ALONE AND I'LL DO IT BY MYSELF" workers. When I want help I get mad if no one does, but if I don't solicit help its usually better to back off. Especially if I'm cooking. I guess I don't mind offers of help so much as things like people coming and "tampering" with my work without asking. I'm kind of a freak. So its a huge lesson in patience to have these 2 little angels always dragging their stools up to the counter and sink to give me an unsolicited hand. Makes me wonder how my mother in law does it, she was always so patient and found something for them to play/help with if they wanted to join her in the kitchen.

Matt bought them a pink inflatable pool and they use that for play and baths. Much roomier than the 12 gallon storage bin that had served as our old tub. lol The girls love it.

Genevieve is actually doing really well with her potty training. We've been doing it for a few weeks now, accidents are few and far between. I still make her wear a diaper to sleep in but I'm beginning to think she doesn't really need it. She wakes up dry. My big fear is really that once I give in and let her sleep without a diaper she'll have an accident and then I'll have a bunch of laundry to do. The laundry system here leaves something to be desired. I've only got a washer and rack to dry on. Which is fine for most laundry... but bedding is a little more difficult and its not worth the hassle to me to drag it up to C. Casey to do it there. Genevieve, meanwhile, is totally cooperative about the whole thing. She never wears a diaper during the day, and sometimes even takes herself to the potty.

My little chubber Charlotte is sitting here drooling up a storm. WHERE DOES IT ALL COME FROM??? On the one hand I can't wait for her to begin crawling, I think she'll be so happy with a little more "freedom." On the other hand with all the copious amounts of drool I can just see myself rounding a corner and wiping out on a big puddle. lol For now, though, I am happy to have her sitting her on my lap, just happy to be with me.

The rest of this blog is going to be a little TMI, so if you don't want to know don't read any further.

This morning we had an interesting course of events. Matt got up at 5 and got ready for formation and PT as usual. He came home early and kissed me (I stay in bed until he gets back and then usually make him breakfast, unless he just wants cereal). I rolled over a bit and struggled with the idea of getting up (I hate getting up, laziness will be the end of me) when Matt said "Sgt. dismissed me from PT and told me to go home and have sex with my wife." I said "No, really, what time is it? Do you want me to make you eggs?" He laughed and said he was serious. I looked at the clock. He was, indeed, home early. I think I questioned him again along the lines of "No, really WHY are you home so early?" He related what happened.

Well shoot. Who are we to disobey direct orders?

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