Saturday, September 13, 2008

Le Sigh

Oh my word... I'm so tired. lol Today was interesting. I got a phone call from my friend Jee Sun, we talked for about 25 minutes and during that time she told me our mutual friend had her little girl (one of my girls' best friends) home sick from school today.

Quick insert... for those who I haven't discussed my blogging habits with, I am using this as a tool to take 15 minutes of Me Time--as recommended by my compadre Jim--so if you think that the details of my day or my ridiculous thought processes are a waste of time to read... well, you don't have to read them. ;)

Anyway, as I was saying.... on hearing that her dear friend Bailey was sick today Adrienne exclaimed "We should make her a Sleeping Beauty dress to make her feel better!"

Well, because I am just LIKE this, I happened to have a yard or so of pink satin on hand. I had bought some to make dress up dresses for the girls--I made Adrienne's, but since Genevieve already had a pink one I cut hers out but didn't feel any great rush to sew it--and had a fair amount of extra left over.


I spent my afternoon sewing Genevieve's and Bailey's dress up dresses. Sort of a crazy whim thing, I guess. But, I think that she's going to love it. Adrienne was my model since she and Bailey are pretty close to the same size. I thanked her for her help. haha I know that there was no way she could really know how much work would go into making that costume, but it was a gift from the heart. She wanted to make her friend happy, to help her feel better, and she thought of something beautiful that most little girls love dearly.

My back kills and even though I could complain about it I'm not going to. Because I know that I hurt because I did something to make my kids happy. Bailey, too, but mostly my kids. Because this was what they wanted to do for their friend. (Yeah, even Genevieve jumped on the bandwagon when the idea was put forth.) I was really touched and impressed that they were so concerned with making someone else feel better. It makes me feel good about what I do.

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