Thursday, March 18, 2010

Slacker? Who? Me?

My name is Kate. I am a total slacker when it comes to blogging.

Ok, seriously these last couple weeks have just been busy. Between teaching Adrienne, trips to the library, and Genevieve's birthday this past Sunday (not to mention piles of laundry and dishes that I need to do every day) there just hasn't been as much time for blogging as I would like. But my mood always suffers from the lack of it.

When I write out my witticisms and frustrations it just makes me happier, I think. Not happy as in joyful, but it helps relieve the stresses of the day. And lemme tell ya, this past week in particular has been rather stressful.

Xander is teething, he has a runny nose, and a mild diaper rash. Adrienne has a runny nose. I have had some serious congestion, too. Luckily the worst of it struck after Genevieve's birthday. (Which Charlotte fought valiantly to claim as her own. She lost, but accepted defeat graciously... mostly...)

I re-created my Valentine's Day cake with a few alterations. (It was amazing.) We had the neighborhood kids over for cake and ice cream out in the yard. It was super windy so we wound up moving everything around the corner of the house. As soon as cake was eaten and presents were open Genevieve decided she was cold and wanted to go back inside. Really she just wanted to play with her loot.

I really don't have anything funny or exciting to report. I just felt neglectful and needed to write something.

I bought a new blender at WallyWorld last week. It's just a cheapie Osterizer (25 bucks FTW) but it actually crushes the ice down to a smooth snowiness. I am pretty much in love. Margaritas all summer! I also told Matt that I want to buy a rug steam cleaner of some sort. Our rugs are getting gross and I think it'd be cheaper in the long run rather than hiring someone to come in and clean them for us.

I'm bored.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

do people really know me?

So I keep getting these "Your Friend Answered a Question About YOU!" notifications on facebook. I added the application to see what they were saying and deleted it because I'm just not that interested in having that crap fill my notifications with garbage. The questions were kind of funny, though. So I copied them to share here. The real answers are in bold.

Do you think that Kate knows what a fist pound is? Yes Yes. Who doesn't?

Do you think that Kate has ever failed a class? No Yes. Guess they don't know my academic history very well.

Do you think that Kate would turn you in to the FBI if they asked? Yes Yes (although this might depend on the crime...)

Do you think that Kate could key a car for revenge? No No, I'd come up with something more creative.

Do you think that Kate is superficial? No I might be but I like to think the answer is no.

Do you think that Kate has ever slapped anyone? Yes Guilty as charged.

Do you think that Kate brushes their teeth regularly? Yes Of course I do. People who don't are gross, and I am not gross.

Do you think that Kate has ugly teeth? No After nearly 4000 in orthodontic bills they damn well better not be.

Do you think that Kate has ever played beer pong? Yes I have not. I have, however, beer bonged. I bonged a word? I don't think so, but whatever.

Would you travel the world with Kate? Yes Yes, I would travel the world with myself. I am loved.

Do you think that Kate would lie for you? No This is true. I hate liars and lying.

Does Kate have a nice body? Yes I disagree most of the time, but I love whoever said yes.

Do you think that Kate puts 'hoes' before 'bros'? No This one doesn't even make sense in my life.

Do you think that Kate can do 20 pushups? Yes That would be a negative. I don't think I can even do one.

Do you think that Kate is materialistic? No I'm going to go with no... but I probably actually kind of am.

Do you think that Kate is cute? Yes My ego is happy.

Do you think that Kate has ever been in a fist fight? Yes When I was 11 I punched a snotty boy in the gut and boxed his ears. Does that count?

Would you hook up with Kate? No Thank God for that. Someone random probably answered that one.

Do you think that Kate would look good in a bikini? Yes No. Baby fat and stretchmarks. Nuff said.

Do you think that Kate has good credit? Yes I think I do, actually.

Do you think that Kate can keep a secret? Yes I'm a pretty awesome secret keeper.

Do you think that Kate is tone deaf? No I am.

Is Kate fun to be around? Yes Clearly.

Do you think that Kate can throw a football with a spiral? Yes Maybe? I don't know. That would actually require that I throw a football.

Do you think that Kate has ever lied in an interview? No Correct.

Do you think that Kate should have more self-confidence? No Actually, I could use some every now and then. I have some self-consciousness issues.

Does Kate have a nice body? Yes Whoever said yes is a liar.

Do you think that Kate can dance? Yes Absolutely.

Have you ever had a crush on Kate? No That's good because this could be awkward.

Do you think that Kate has ever fantasized about you? No Knowing the people on my friends list I'm going to go with True.

Do you think that Kate has ever stolen money from their friends? No True. If I had ever needed money that badly they'd have spotted me if I asked.