Saturday, September 13, 2008

The day that began the rest of my life...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Today marks the fourth anniversary of one of the single most important days of my life. Anyone viewing my profile can figure out pretty easily who my heart belongs to, why "you can't touch this" (maybe thats why most people leave me alone and I don't get random friend reuests constantly haha). Even when we're seperated by countless miles my heart is with him. I love him more than words can say, he is my best friend, my lover, my hero... he takes care of me, comforts me, loves me... he does more for me than I could ever dare hope or ask for. Sometimes I feel like I can never do enough in return, like I'll never measure up, but somehow he still loves me. I don't deserve him. But I will cling to him for dear life, he's claimed me and there's no way he can get rid of me now.

He has given me so many things, memories, love, I can never thank him enough, or express my appreciation to its fullest... I can only try. Try to be the best wife I can be, the best mother I can be, the best friend and lover...

He is my everything. That's why I chose "You're my everything" as the song for our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Its disgustingly sappy, and totally perfect. The only difference between how I felt about him that day and how I feel about him now is that I love him MORE. Today I got an anniversary card in the mail from my grandfather... I cried when I read it. I didn't think today was really going to be all that different from any other day... I thought I could let it go by without thinking about it too much... but I can't. I miss him so much.

Yesterday my little brother asked me "If you liked someone better than Matt who would it be?" "God," I replied. "No," he said "I mean like a boyfriend." "No one." "Nobody? You would never cheat on him?" (Where he came up with that one is anyone's guess...) "NO! I'd rather kill myself." "You would DIE for him?" "Yes." "You'd DIE???" "Yes. Why wouldn't I? He would die for me." "Oh." I guess love like this is still beyond the grasp of seven year olds. Hell, at that rate its probably beyond the grasp of most adults.

I love you, Matthew Aaron. With all my heart. Happy anniversary.

Every time I look in your eyes
I know love never dies
Oh baby ...

Love is blind, and I can't see
Cupid's aimed his bow right at me
I love you and adore you
you're all that life could bring
Baby, you're my everything

Cynics sneer at fairy tales
They mock love and all it's details
But we've got something magical
those fools will never see
Baby, you're my everything

I can only stand for a moment or two
Being without you
Oh, I know it sounds extreme
But baby you're my dream come true

Yes, we've got something magical
Those fools have never seen
Baby, you're my everything

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