Saturday, September 13, 2008

Army Strong haha

So they Army has changed their slogan AGAIN. Matt thinks the new slogan is pretty dumb. They went from the likes of "Be All You Can Be!" to "Army of One!" to the current "Army Strong!" Matt, of course, takes everything in stride, and usually with a joke. The following is something he said to his sister Maria (I laughed so hard when I read it):

" I love you too!! I'll be looking for the mail you sent. Ohmygosh I hope it is beef jerky. Just kidding anything you send is fine, including C4.

I'll be like "Hey, look a present from my..." BOOOM!!!! Then I won't have to go to work that day.

But since I'm Army Strong I will anyways.

Yes, the U.S. Army changed the motto from Army of One to Army Strong. I seriously thought they couldn't get worse but they did.

I came up with my own slogan.

Too stupid for the Air Force.
Too smart for the Marines.
Too straight for the Navy.


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