Saturday, September 13, 2008

my kids

Lately I am occasionally caught offguard by the coolness of my children. I mean, I know they are awesome, but the rate at which they come up with new, cute, and hilarious things can be astounding.

Lately Adrienne has taken to singing. Both Adrienne and Genevieve sing, but this isn't just any old singing. She's been making up her own songs. Today there was something about princesses, crowns, and the word "mother" repeated over and over. Now... I'd have gone in and asked what she wanted but I could tell she was playing a game, not calling for me. She'd have just looked at me and said "I'm playing a game, Mother!" Basically telling me to go away. lol

Genevieve is ever the stubborn child. She has a very strong will. But she has a very sweet side to her, too. She even gets jealous if Adrienne says she loves me and gives me a kiss. She has to jump in and say "I love you, too, Mommy!" and give me a kiss, too. Of course, I am more than happy to oblige. I love my little Koosners. All 3 of them. Genevieve likes to try and take care of Charlotte. Which really means she sort of mauls the poor kid, and forces her to lay down when she'd rather be crawling. But its all in a sense of older-sister-love so its still cute.

Charlotte gets into all sorts of things. She has favorite corners to play in. She crawls, cruises along furniture, samples table food. She doesn't really take to baby food so much, but I try every now and then. She loves Ritz crackers and chocolate chip cookies.

The other day Adrienne and Genevieve ran up to me with sheets over their heads, gripped under their chins in little fists, so it looked rather like a veil. Adrienne spoke for both of them, "We're being Blessed Mother Mary, Mother!" "Thats wonderful!" I told her.

My kids are AWESOME.

When we go to Mass they pick up the Bibles from the pew and as Genevieve turns pages she cannot read she points and asks "Word of God?" Soooo freaking cute!

Last night I was drinking a glass of wine while I made dinner and some treats to send out to the field for Matt (Cpl. Browne, the mail guy was going to take them for me) and Adrienne came to me complaining about having hiccups. I gave her my wine glass and told her to take a drink. So she did. A big gulp. And as she stood there with her cheeks full of it, not wanting to swallow, I told her "Finish it!" So she did. And then she looked at me reproachfully, shook her head at me and said, "Nasty."
I laughed. "Do you still have hiccups?"
"No," She replied.
"Well then, it worked!" I told her.
She gave me a sly little sideways smile and said, "Did you give me growing up beer?"

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