Saturday, September 13, 2008

so tired

Thursday, May 15, 2008
I have had a completely exhausting couple of days. Just on the go constantly... and its probably only going to stay this way until we leave here. *yawn*

This evening the girls had some friends over because their family is getting ready to leave Korea, too, and their parents had a lot of work to get done and it went faster without the kids there. They leave next week, so its all much more urgent for them. They have more going on tomorrow, so I kept the 5 year old here to spend the night (the baby is 19 months old, I don't think she'd have been too pleased with staying with me all night lol). They went to bed by 10:30. Impressive. Matt read them stories. :)

I have been spending a lot of time lately wondering why things happen... how they happen... why they happen to who they happen to... I still don't get it, but I figure some things you rant about and some you take in stride. I, no exaggeration, have had a really extremely crappy month. It's finally getting better. And, no, I'm not elaborating. However, what I've had to deal with has shown me where some of my strengths and weaknesses are, so there is some positive in there. It's hidden, but it's there.

Last night Matt was talking in his sleep. The first phrase he uttered ended with him calling his senior Sgt. a jackass (I missed part of the comment becaue Charlotte started fussing). A few minutes later he says "It makes sense why we got divorced." And I said "WHAT? We got divorced?" "Yeah," he says. I laugh and ask him "What ARE you dreaming about?" and he tells me "The nine centers." Whatever the heck that means! lol When I told him about it this morning he didn't remember any of it, except that he thought he may have dreamed about a memo he needs to get from his Sgt. I thought it was all pretty hilarious.

A testament of how long this week has been... I asked Matt if he had to go back in to work tomorrow... he looked at me funny and said "Yes." I said I had figured he might. He said, "Yeah, well, it IS Friday." Doh. I thought today was Friday. Loooong day. Loooong week. lol

Things I'm going to miss about Korea...
my friends here
kiwi frozen smoothies from the ice cream novelties freezer
kimbap (but I can make this)
kalbi (I can also make this)
mandu (I can make this, too)
yogurt juice drinks
The 1000 won store (I have a thing for dollar stores...)
ummm..... hmmmm... guess I won't be missing much. haha I can't think of anything else.

I am looking forward to seeing family, friends, being able to drive again, having my stuff again, Wal Mart, only needing to worry about one form of currency, faster internet connections.... um.... oh, a whole slew of things, really. I am sure there is probably more I will miss about Korea that I can't remember... but... for now... yeah.... what I am going back to will always outweigh what I'm leaving. lol

I just need to make one more shopping trip down to Dongdaemun and I'm all set. haha

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