Saturday, July 30, 2011

I love it when...

I really love it when my husband helps out and just does things when I ask. I ask a lot and he always does it... if he hears me. Often I say something like, "Someone needs to wash the lid to this trashcan. It looks like someone threw up all over it. It's nasty."

I, of course, know eventually it's going to be me, but right now I am busy getting food ready to grill so I ignore it for the time being. I ask Matt to make the bacon for our fabulous bacon-blue-cheese-burgers (the kids had cheddar), he begins cooking it while I go out and throw the meat on the grill.

What I am pleasantly surprised by, and extra appreciate, is that when I come back inside to throw away the meat wrappers I find that he has thoroughly scrubbed the trash can lid. It's the little things in life that make you feel super special. Sometimes it's a foot rub, or an ice cold drink. And sometimes it's not having to plunge the toilet your son clogged with a whole roll of toilet paper, or not having to wash the barftastic trash can lid.