Friday, September 30, 2011

Just me

If I swore as much on my blog as I do in real life I'm not sure I'd have other real words.

I'm just kidding. I'd have a few other real words.

I'm watching Parks and Recreation and laughing till I nearly wet myself. If I was faster on the uptake this entry would be nothing but P&R quotes.

I'm drinking a Sam Adams and eating chips off the floor.

I only ate two off the floor. The rest are in the bag.

If it weren't 9 pm I'd make myself chorizo bean dip, but I'm settling for salsa because I feel like it's too late to cook.

My kids are still up.

I'd prefer more beer.

And this concludes my random thoughts in 2 minutes. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yesterday we skipped school except for some basic reading and made the haul (all 45 minutes of it...) to the city to get some things I can't get here in our rinky-dink town. I love that about homeschooling. Technically we weren't going to skip, but we wound up getting home a lot later than I expected. It wasn't a tremendous deal because we're making up the difference today and will still be done earlier than the local schools. That's a win for me.

The other night I cut out the paper pieces for all three dress up dresses. Last night I cut all the fabric for Adrienne's dress. I figured she, out of all of them, could use it the most. The other girls still fit into all the dress ups we own, she really only fits into one or two. I am planning to start sewing tonight after I put the kids to bed. They don't have any idea what I've been up to. They know I am supposed to be making the dresses sometime but they haven't actually witnessed any of this happening. I'm hoping I can surprise each of them with a finished dress. They'll probably poop their pants.

In other super exciting news, I've been trying my hand at crockpot oatmeal. (HA! You suckers really thought it was going to be exciting, didn't you?) When you wake up it feels like you magically have breakfast made and you didn't have to do a thing. Except you really did it before you went to bed at midnight... and you don't usually eat breakfast, it's for your children. Still. It's awesome having it totally done in the morning.

When we were in the city yesterday I had to hunt down a liquor store that carries locally made wines for a gift basket. It occurred to me to wonder what they must think of a woman coming in with 4 children skipping along behind her. I imagine their thoughts ran something along the lines of "Whoa, four whole tiny humans! She must really need the booze to cope!" My kids were delighted with the lifesize statue of Captain Morgan, too. At least the kids didn't recognize him. Then the storekeepers really would have thought I have a problem.

With the way the boy is behaving right now I am thinking they might be right... there's nothing wrong with a white russian for lunch is there? Lots of calcium...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's adventure

Today I am working on building a turtle cheesecake. I've never made this before and I'm using my friends as guinea pigs. We've been invited to their home for dinner tomorrow night. Here's hoping it doesn't suck. haha Seriously, though, it looks pretty awesome so far. And that's with the help of children and a glass of wine. Go me!

Tonight I also have to begin laying out and cutting pattern pieces for THREE lovely dress up dresses that I somehow managed to promise my girls I'd make for them. In my mind I was thinking "awesome Christmas presents!" and they decided it'd be for HALLOWEEN. WTF, kids? Thanks for ruining my slacker plans.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to work...

This morning my kids are seated around the kitchen table dutifully doing their math... well, sort of dutifully, they are way too easily distracted. (No, they don't have ADD, they're just flighty little girls.) I, too, have put my nose to the grindstone and am organizing their worksheets for the week. Reading has already been done, so hopefully we can finish up the math in record time and go to the store before it;s a madhouse.

The boy is climbing up my back trying to steal the cookies off the shelf next to me--one of my last boxes of Samoas. Yeah, that's right, I bought 16 boxes of girl scout cookies and have been hoarding them since before Easter. The only reason they haven't lasted me till next Easter is because my husband discovered my stash and my supply has been rapidly declining in the last 2 months. Next year I will have to buy 20 boxes...

As I sit here copying page after page for these kids I can't help but wish I had one of those badass office copy machines that just suck in the pages and spit them back out, do front and back, and coallate your pages automatically. I have no idea where I'd put such a monstrosity in my house, but it would be the most useful homeschooling tool I owned if I had such a thing. Now my scrawny HP all in one printer looks even crappier.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Memory

When I was in college I used to make mix CDs for my younger siblings back at home. On one such CD I put Dexy's Midnight Runners' "Come One Eileen." This evening I had iTunes going on my computer while I puttered around and that song came on.

I've listened to it dozens upon dozens of times over the years, but tonight I remembered, quite out of the blue, having given it to one of my sisters.

When I came home for one of my breaks she played the CD I'd given her and sang along, "I'm gonna hump this chick forever!" Hilarity ensued and I spent a considerable amount of time trying to convince her that it's "I'm gonna hum this tune forever!"

And tonight I sat in front of my computer laughing like a maniac for no apparent reason because I remembered that one little instance. I love my siblings.