Saturday, September 13, 2008

Money.... yellow money

So its been forever and a day since a I blogged. I've thought about it. I've even started one once or maybe twice. But it never came out quite right so I passed on the opportunity and closed out the window.

However, my girls are so funny that I had to share. Right now they are playing a game, Grocery Store I guess. They are taking every can, bottle, and jar off the shelves and stacking it up. "I'm buying this!" Adrienne declares. Then turns to me and says "Give me money! I need money!" Now, for the life of me I do not know where she got that idea, I totally thought those demands didn't come until later in her short life.... like another 10 years at least. But no...

So I say to her, "What do you need money for?"

"To pay!"

"Who are you paying?" I ask.

"I need money!" She insists.

"Yes, but who are you giving the money to? If you're buying food who are you paying?"

She thinks a moment. "The payer girl!"

"Who is the payer girl?"

She thinks another moment. "I am the buyer girl.... Genevieve can be the payer girl!"

Turning to her sister, "You can be the payer girl and I can be the buyer girl!"

Turning back to me, "I need money! I need my JAR MONEY!"

"No, you cannot have your jar money. How about we make money."

She seems to like that idea, so I pull out the construction paper. "What color money do you want? Black, green, pink, yellow?"

"Yellow! I want yellow money."

This is a huge step. Most everyone knows that in Adrienne's world PINK is pretty much the only color that rates. So I make her yellow money. And wouldn't you know as soon as I get that yellow money all cut up for her Genevieve drops a big can of stewed tomatoes on her foot and the game is cancelled. Figures. Amazingly, Charlotte has slept through the entire ordeal. I am impressed.

Now we're playing doctor and Genevieve has an ice pack on her foot. It's ok, but I can see a rainbow shaped bruise where the edge of the can hit her. Owie.

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