Saturday, September 13, 2008

my kids are hilarious

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 >
They're just cracking me up today. I was having a conversation with Adrienne about our baby--she calls everyone "she" regardless if they are boy or girl, with the sole exception of her Daddy. Sooo, I decided to ask her if the baby was a boy or girl, just to get her thoughts on the matter. Her response?

"The baby's not a boy or a girl!" (with an expression which clearly said, "Geeze Mom, are you dumb?")

So I said, "Is the baby a boy?" Thinking maybe I had confused her.


"Is the baby a girl?"


"Well it has to be a boy or a girl, which is it?"

"Its NOT a boy OR a girl. Its NOTHING!"

"Ok, so the baby isn't a boy or a girl? Its just a baby?"


So there is the logic of that 3 year old. lol

Genevieve has begun asking "Whassat?" When I tell her what the particular thing is she says, puckering her lips up in the cutest little expression, "Oh."She is curious about everything. The bigger my belly gets the more she likes to blow raspberries on it. And she's a total drama queen at times. Right now she is bemoaning the fact that I told her to be nice to her aunt Gel-gel. Angelica was standing next to us and Genevieve decided she didn't want her around so she flapped her hand and said "Go!" When I told her to be nice (all I said was "Be nice" I wasn't even mean about it!) she just burst into tears... I think bedtime will come early tonight. Adrienne missed her nap and has already passed out on the floor... I've got to pick her up and put her in bed.

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