Saturday, September 13, 2008

My kids again

Thursday, October 05, 2006
My kids are such a hoot. Seriously. I know I am always going on about how funny they are, and I am probably very biased, but they ARE soooo cute.

Genevieve was sitting just now, on our bed, with a little plush puppy dog that her Great-Grandma Kane had given to Adrienne (probably a good 2 years ago now, or very close to it). She had my old defunct cell phone (I'll get to that in a minute) and was holding it up to the doggy's ear having a little phone conversation with it. Right now she is looking out the window at the cars in the driveway calling out "Hi Nana!" (to the cars, Nana is inside).

Adrienne is exploring my toiletries and found some lavendar scented foot stuff (fizzy "beads" for a foot soak). She took a whiff and looked at me and informed me that "It smells like medecine." She also claims that most everything that stinks smells like skunk. I'm not so sure she really knows what skunk smells like other than the fact that every time we smell it driving around I make such a big deal about how bad it is. A couple weeks ago we were driving along and an awful smell filled the air, not skunk, and not manure... I don't know what it was... Adrienne exclaimed "It's stinkin' in my nose!"

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