Saturday, December 25, 2010

hors d'oeuvres...

Christmas dinner is in the oven and won't be ready for a couple hours yet so I decided to make some appetizers. I thawed out some shrimp and opened a jar of cocktail sauce.

Fancy, I know.

I also pulled out some crackers and whipped up some salmon dip. I had this vision in my mind of how salmony and delectable it would be. I mixed it with a small dallop of mayo, a hefty portion of cream cheese. I splashed in some lemon juice and hot sauce. I chopped up sun dried tomatoes, and added a generous teaspoonful of capers.

I scoop some up on a delicious seasoned Wheat Thin flatbread crackers. And you know what it tastes like?

No, it does not taste like poo.

It tastes exactly like tuna. What the frick, right? All that effort for TUNA flavor. I may as well have just opened a can and added mayo.

I know what kind of sandwich I'll be eating for lunch tomorrow.

Fake tuna.

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