Friday, December 17, 2010

Hanging on.

I feel like all too often I hang on to useless junk that I need to dispose of. Papers I think I might need some day, old clothing, knick knacks that people have given me that have long since ceased to be useful, tasteful, or not broken.

Periodically I manage to convince myself to purge. Today I put away laundry and discarded several articles of clothing that I don't even know why I held onto (some of them even had holes!) I cleaned my kitchen, went through my basket-o-crap and threw away almost everything in it.

Back to the clothing for a moment. It occurred to me that I have lots of articles that several years old, and out of style. But, I continue to hang on to them because I just plain like 'em, and since I spent the money on them I feel like it's a waste to get rid of them even if I barely got to wear them between pregnancies. I also have things which I technically CAN wear, but clearly shouldn't because of my post baby body. And I don't. But, I still keep them in the hopes that eventually I CAN one of these days.

I know I hang onto too much. I just need to up the ante on my periodic purges, because I don't want to end up like my great-grandmother. God love her, she almost qualifies for Hoarders. There is no reason why I need to keep Christmas cards we received last year on the top shelf of my pantry.


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