Sunday, December 19, 2010

We're all half black.

Adrienne: Hey! Guess what, Ava! My mom is HALF black! She's half black because her grandma is half black!

Ava: Wow.

Me: Uh, no Adrienne, my Grandma is ALL black, my dad is half black, so I am a quarter black.

Adrienne: So that makes me half black?

Me: No. That makes you 1/8 black.

Adrienne: Oh. Well. Ava, I'm REALLY dark.

Ava: So am I. My mom says I am really tan.

Adrienne: Yeah. Genevieve has the darkest back.


Rachael said...


love em.

The Ranter said...

wow. i still can't do that kind of math.

Matthew said...

That is good math.