Friday, December 11, 2009

I hate my oven.

Either I am turning into a failure of a cook or my oven is crap.

I vote B.

In the last week I have had a double batch of poppyseed bread BURN, and a double batch of homemade brownies BURN.

The brownies maaay have been slightly my fault (they were really thick), but the poppyseed bread was most definitely the oven's fault.

This is horribly embarrassing to me. I've been cooking and baking since the 4th grade. I'm normally good at it. The brownies were so bad not even Matt would eat them and I had to throw them out. You have got to understand, he love, love, loves brownies. For him not to eat them they've got to be really bad.

Last night was our company Christmas party and I made brownies, cheesecake squares, and magic cookie bars. The only one that they ate all of was the brownies. What is wrong with people? All that magnificent baking (because these really did turn out awesome) and all they want to eat are brownies?

Now I know why some people skip holiday baking. Humbug.

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Jim said...

What I've found with some recipes is this - You just can't double batch them.

It makes no sense to me but I've accepted it.