Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Deprived little things.

This Christmas I realized my children, the oldest of whom is 6 years old, have NEVER EATEN JELLO. Ever. (At least I'm fairly certain of this fact.) I came to this realization on Christmas day when a family friend brought jigglers in holiday shapes (Santa included) to Matt's parent's home for Christmas dinner and my kids pretty much went nuts.

"What IS this stuff?"

"Mom, I REALLY like Jello!"

"Can I have some more JELLO!?"

Well shit. I didn't realize how deprived they were. I mean, I hate the stuff. The consistency is gross. My mom always made us eat it when we were sick. I always hated it when it wasn't fully dissolved and there was that nasty grainy layer on the bottom. Pure disgusting. Anywho. I hate it and I don't buy it and I don't make it. Hell, I rarely even make pudding. But today, because I love my children, I bought jello Snack Packs. They pretty much think I'm the most amazing mother EVER. And that's alright by me.

After feeding them each a cup and realizing that they won't eat a whole Snack Pack I got the brilliant idea of making mini jigglers out of them. What little girl could resist butterfly and flower shaped jello, right? So I shook out a cupful of the stuff, sliced it out, and let them cut out shapes with the mini cookie cutters. They had a blast. They refused to eat the edges, so a fair amount was wasted. And Genevieve wanted to save hers because they were so pretty. Adrienne and Charlotte pretty much cut and scarfed. Xander crawled around and got his clothing dirty.

I need to mop my kitchen floor.

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Rachael said...

it makes me sad that you don't like jello. :(