Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I met PW. Kinda.

Ok, so after my "I love Laura" post last night I should probably go a little more in depth and explain why I was so giddy.

I chatted with her as she left work last night and she told me she was going to Ree Drummond's (The Pioneer Woman book signing.

Color me jealous.

I wished her a happy adventure and said I'd chat with her later. I also told her to tell PW that I love her. haha

A couple hours down the road I received the following message:

Laura: okay so im at the pw signing ;)
if you connect via video when i get up there i might let you say hi :-P

Well, needless to say I jumped on THAT train immediately, because I'm a P-dub addict and read her blog every day unless something keeps me away from my computer.

I uncorked a bottle of wine and we chatted for the next few hours while Laura made her merry way down the line. At some point along the way, I forget how early on, Laura told me that she had bought me one of Ree's books and was getting it signed for me. Which blew my mind because it was pure awesome. I was going to order one off amazon but I knew that there weren't going to be any stops along Ree's book tour that I'd be able to make it to so I'd resigned myself to my fate of not getting a signed copy and never getting to meet Ree.

We also took pictures. It's what we do.

slr 023

I think people found us humorous.

slr 083

Laura prefers to be behind the lens so most of the pictures I got of the evening looked like this:

slr 041

Or this classic Laura pose:

slr 033

While we were in line I got to meet Amy from

slr 052

We also perused the shelves (like how I talk about this like I was physically there?) and found such gems as this:

slr 077

Flash cards? Oh my.

And we got closer and closer. Poor Laura had to carry me all night. But she was such a trooper. I really had the better end of the deal, I just sat around and drank wine and chatted.

slr 069

I never realized that Borders had a whole section for Dummy books.

slr 079

In keeping with our earlier theme:

slr 076

Lest anyone worry that her arms got too tired hauling my bum around the store all night she did get a chance to sit and rest:

slr 055

And we did a lot of this:

slr 054

and this:

slr 043

My ONLY regret is that when I actually got to "meet" Ree my head was in the clouds and I neglected to take a picture. Laura has one that I am going to steal. haha

So, thank you Laura for doing this for me. You made my night. Thank you Ree for being such a good sport and staying up till the wee hours to sign the books for all us yahoos. And thank you to all the people who hung out with us all night and laughed at our antics. I had a blast at the book signing. :D

ETA: Check out L's version of our grand adventure (her pictures are undoubtedly better because they weren't taken through a computer screen! haha!)


Laura H. said...

so much fun!!

I Heart Faces said...
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I Heart Faces said...

This is hilarious! I was wondering what your photos would turn out looking like. Good to virtually meet you:-)


LauraB said...

New to your blog - was at the PW in Austin event (mad house!) - my husband forbids the words Book or Signing, now. It is "large pamphlet with covers" or "make your mark".

I read Ree's post on Dallas and cracked up at the video signing. PERFECT! AMAZING. You have the best pal EVAH because I only held two books and my wimpy bicep is crying today.

Also perfect is your mention of first pics since your hubby's Ranger school graduation! RLTW! My own is former Ranger - are they ever, tho? - so we're always glad to know another has taken on that honor.

Thx for the PW giggle! I needed it!

iceprincesskrs said...

Thanks gals. :)

Amy, I read your blog this morning (yesterday? sheesh, I can't even remember... I'm blaming it on running after 4 kids all day...). It's been neat to see all the different perspectives (and some clearer photography than my own haha).

LauraB, L. really IS the best! I don't think dragging a laptop along would have even occurred to me. So cool that your husband was(is!) a Ranger! Small world! RLTW--All the way!

J said...

Hahahaha, this is greatness

Jim said...

Looks like Laura's act of awesomeness got you to be a tad more prolific with the writing!

to which I say "Saaaweet"