Friday, December 04, 2009


Today, I can report (with humorously mixed feelings [not in a bad way]) that I was featured on PW's blog!

I'm excited that she mentioned me (I have to say, personally I thought Laura's and my stunt was pretty memorable), but on the down side I pretty much look like a dork. Whoops.

In keeping with that theme I got a new ID card today as my old one was about to expire and on a military base you basically can't do anything without one of those magic little cards. And you know what? I look like a total freak.


Seriously, where the heck are my eyebrows??? And why do I look like I'm on drugs?

I tried to take a couple pictures to redeem myself and even that didn't really work out very well. (Thank you Daughters O Mine for breaking my tripod.)

slr 002

slr 003

Why yes, I DID do laundry today and hung it to dry on my husbands pull up bar. How did you know?
slr 005

This is probably the best one, after some serious cropping, and it's still rotten (I should have cropped that last one, it may actually be better but out of the 6 shots I took they all made me wince so I quit).
slr 006

These are some of the first pictures I've tried taking since having Xander (we took a couple after Matt's Ranger school graduation, but I really think that's just about the only pictures I've taken... that's a lie, I did take a couple "head shots" for Matt while he was away at Ranger school because he missed my face and I'd only been sending him pics of the kids). At least Xander is lovely and adorable no matter what.

That's got to count for something, right?

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Laura H. said...

he is so cute! and so big!