Sunday, December 06, 2009


A few years ago I was on a kick of making avatars and desktops. I saved all of them (some are pretty pathetic and no I will not share them). Among these files I found this:


I had made a pretty sweet desktop background for L. with it. The girl in the painting reminded me of her. When I think of her that's the face I see (only L, not a painting). I still think that the Little Knitter looks like L. Only L has a few years on her. haha

There is a bit of irony there, though, because sometimes I think the Little Knitter looks sad, and when I think of L. my favorite thing to think about is her laugh. It's amazing. It makes me feel happy. I like making her laugh just to hear it.

I think I should record her laughing and use it for my ringtone.

That would be epic.

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Laura H. said...

i love you.