Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's adventure

Today I am working on building a turtle cheesecake. I've never made this before and I'm using my friends as guinea pigs. We've been invited to their home for dinner tomorrow night. Here's hoping it doesn't suck. haha Seriously, though, it looks pretty awesome so far. And that's with the help of children and a glass of wine. Go me!

Tonight I also have to begin laying out and cutting pattern pieces for THREE lovely dress up dresses that I somehow managed to promise my girls I'd make for them. In my mind I was thinking "awesome Christmas presents!" and they decided it'd be for HALLOWEEN. WTF, kids? Thanks for ruining my slacker plans.


The Ranter said...

Man, I wish I could sew. :-( Jealous!

iceprincesskrs said...

I'm not fantastic, and I am prone to skipping things that I don't feel are necessary... but I do ok. lol