Thursday, November 11, 2010

When parents don't see eye to eye.

Not Matt and I. Other parents. And me.

Today I talked to the neighbor's daughter because she made fun of Adrienne and told her she sound like a big fat horse. (A has a cold and her voice is all raspy.) I told her it was unkind and she needed to apologize, and that if it happened again Adrienne wouldn't be allowed to play with her anymore and I'd have to have a talk with her mother. (This is the second incident, before Halloween this same girl told my children that if they went trick or treating the devil was going to come take them away.) (Adrienne and her friends had been upset because these other kids "stole" a pile of sticks they had gathered... the other kids didn't know and I told Adrienne it wasn't a big deal, there is plenty more sticks and wood int he world that she can gather later.)

So Mama comes walking over to have a word with me and "get to the bottom" of the situation. Basically all she can say to me is that my kid keeps bringing up the Halloween incident, which I admit is inappropriate of her, but also note that she's a worrier and she's afraid that the devil will come and take her away now. I told Mama that I don't allow my kids to name call and that they get in trouble for it, and if they can't play nicely together I tell them to walk away. There will only be just so many times my child comes home in tears before I go say something. If they can't play nicely they will be on restriction and not allowed to play with the kids who can't be nice to each other.

At this point Mama's daughter says how one of the other boys had teased Mama's son and Adrienne said "haha." I made Adrienne apologize immediately.

Mama points to other kids in the neighborhood and says how "they all" seem to be able to dish it out but not take it. Sorry bitch, my kids aren't the ones calling names and condemning others to hell. That'd be your children. I may think it's dumb of my kids to beat the dead horse, but mine have not been the ones name calling. Hate to say it, but for all my kids faults, they aren't the bad ones in this scenario. I get so sick of neighborhood brats. I want to smack all of them.


Matthew said...

Sounds like you need a RANGER at home.

The Ranter said...

I think stuff like this is makes me slightly apprehensive about when my kids get older.