Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It has struck me that my life is boring.

I feel like tonight is a good night to blog. I've got music playing, my kids are in bed, I'm drinking vodka. Life is good.

Forget the fact that I flipped out on my 3 year old today, and yesterday she royally pissed me off by jabbing a pen into the arm of my leather sofa repeatedly. Life is still good.

Because even when I flip my shit somehow they still love me. I can hug and say I'm sorry and explain myself calmly and they apologize and say they love me. I dunno why. They totally got the short end of the stick.

I've started some Christmas shopping... still a few things I need to get. Adrienne has grown inches since last year and looks like a total nerd in almost all her pants. Those same pants can't even be passed down to Genevieve because Adrienne beats the hell out of her clothing, so I need to buy new clothing for both of them. It's always something.

I returned Matt's Christmas present that wasn't the right size today and the proper size should be arriving tomorrow. I am really stoked about this gift because I know how much he wants it. He's a hard person to shop for, he never wants anything and if he does he's probably already bought it. This is the first thing I've been able to get for him in a long time that I knew he really wanted and was excited about. He knows what he's getting, but I am still completely thrilled over it.

I've been sitting here waiting for the next words to flow and I just realized that my life sounds totally boring. I feel like I never stop, but when I go to put it down into words there is nothing particularly exciting to relay. Xander has a runny nose, I have been coughing for two days... had errands to run this morning and an FRG meeting this evening, Adrienne has a dentist appointment Thursday... it's not exactly thrilling but I always have something going on. After I sent the girls to bed I wrote a good morning note to them on the dry erase board that hangs over the table. They will see it when they get up for breakfast. Adrienne can read it to them. I am looking forward to hearing the things they say when they see it. It's the little things that make daily life delightful. :)


The Diatribist said...

People are boring, conversations are boring, presidential speeches are boring, but not your life. Your life would be boring if your children DIDN'T jab the sofa with a pen, if you DIDN'T lose your shit with the kids. ;)

Matthew said...

That doesn't even sound remotely boring to me.