Sunday, November 21, 2010

Netflix is the Shizzz

Recently I restarted my Netflix account. Back in the day we were the first people we knew who got it. Other people signed up because we raved about how totally awesome it was. Then we canceled it when we moved to Korea. And did without when we came back, not really giving it a second thought.

Well, my friend gave me the password to his account but I felt too guilty to use it all the time so I just set mine back up. I had been wanting to for awhile anyway. Best idea EVER. Back in the day there was no online instant queue, or streaming to your PS3 or Wii or Xbox. So, we paid the 17 bucks a month for 3 DVDs at a time. Now I'm paying 9 for 1 at a time, but we can watch unlimited instant movies. And we have been. (I have it set up for the Wii and PS3 so that I don't have to move my laptop and hook it up to the TV every time we want to watch a movie. It's awesome. No wonder Blockbuster is going under. I feel kind of bad for them.)

We have watched nature documentaries to supplement science and geography schoolwork, movies to entertain while Mommy tries to take a shower in peace, and gotten an introduction to classic movies that I never thought about watching with my kids (it's been ages since I've seen them, I never thought about them until I saw the titles). I can watch a movie and relax after putting the kids to bed without having to make the effort to go out and rent something earlier in the day. It's niiiice.

They watched The Black Stallion. At first they didn't want to watch it, halfway through they were intrigued. They asked if they could watch a movie and were disagreeing over what to watch (not arguing, but not agreeing), so I made the executive decision (I often do as I am skimming over titles because I see it and think "Oh, heck YEAH!") to make them watch The Land Before Time. The original one. Not the franchise of crappy sequels (I hate franchises of crappy sequels). About 3 minutes into it they are hooked. (Adrienne immediately recognized Sharp Tooth as a T-rex.) The other day they wanted to watch something so I turned on a documentary about ancient Egypt. Another time I put on one about fish. We've watched Man vs. Wild together.

I. Love. Netflix.


Rachael said...


netflix has saved my life. :)

The Ranter said...

This brings up a thought: do you surf the web through your PS3?

iceprincesskrs said...

I don't surf the web with the PS3 since I have my laptop set up in the same room. I just use it for the netflix because we can watch movies on a larger screen than the computer.