Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Things that must be dealt with.

Today Adrienne asked me what the pictures of children at the entrance to Walmart are for. I almost started crying in the middle of the store when I tried to explain it to them.

I have told them so many times that they always need to stay close to me so they don't get lost. We have told them that there are bad people in the world who steal children and I never want my children to be stolen; that that is why they MUST listen to us and obey us. We always want them to be safe.

I see that cork board every time I walk through those doors. I wasn't really prepared for Adrienne to notice it today. It kind of broke my heart that, more than just telling them in a vague way that there are bad people in the world, they saw the faces of those innocents who have been the victims of the bad people.

I wonder how many people heard me telling my kids about that board today, how many of them realized that I was struggling not to cry, and how many of them have had these kinds of talks with their kids.

Evil people suck.


The Ranter said...

I agree. I'm struggling with how I'm going to talk to my kids about abortion. How do you explain that there are people that willingly kill children inside their mommies? And how sometimes those mommies want that to happen? Ugh. I was also reading a report about someone who was abused by a priest killed said priest because of the abuse...some details were given in the paper, and I too, wanted to hurt that priest. Sickening.

Matthew said...

Well, maybe she won't wander off now.