Monday, August 16, 2010


I want my house to look like a Pottery Barn catalog. Everything just looks so light and fresh. And would be such amazing back drops for photography. Such amazing light for photography. I know, it's all tricks of lights and lamps and crap, but I can dream. I mean, if my hospital room had such great natural light (a year ago when Xander was born) a house should be able to have light sources equally amazing to that. That's what I want. And I always end up in houses and apartments with windows facing the wrong direction. I can't even grow a freaking potted plant on my kitchen windowsill.

Life is so unfair.

Not that my gardening adventures this year were successful by any measure. My potted flowers out front shriveled up and died. My seeds never sprouted. Even after several attempts. All I wanted were a couple of freaking nasturtium seeds to sprout. And maybe some basil. As a gardener I fail. I will never, ever be able to make my way just living off the land. I'd starve to death. I'd probably have to start eating grass.

That's no goal of mine, though. That's Matt's pipe dream. Livin' off the land and self-sufficiency. I'll take my Targets and Wal Marts and Krogers, than you very much. All I really want in a future home are some big windows so I have have nice lighting to take an indoor picture. All my other wants in life can be pretty easily met, eventually. That dang light thing, though, always escapes me.

Oh, and a walk-in pantry. Because we have one now and I never want to be without one again. That pantry is my favorite part of this house. I don't even like the kitchen. Just the pantry.

Walk-in pantries and big windows to fill my home with light. That's my pipe-dream.

For now at any rate.

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