Thursday, August 26, 2010

Various and Sundry

I haven't been very motivated lately, since coming back from visiting family. Things have been a little busy getting back into the swing of things. I have started school with the girls again.

Genevieve is really just starting, I have gone over a few letters and numbers with her. She is learning to write her name. She still holds her pencil wrong, but I don't want to force the issue. I figure she will do whatever is most comfortable and I will just encourage her to try holding it properly. She was excited to do school today, which is a positive sign. She has been very determined with her coloring, too. I have noticed that she tries desperately to keep her colors in the lines when she uses a coloring book. She does really well with it, too. I think she's going to be a lot easier to teach this year than Adrienne was when she was 5. And if she isn't I'll just wait a little longer. I think she wants to learn to read, though. When I tell her a letter and the sound it makes she repeats it, whereas Adrienne would shut down on me. When A was ready she was ready and soaked it right up, though. I am not certain Genevieve will be the same way, but I think she is ready to start and is more open to it now than when A was this age. It's not really fair to compare them, I guess, I'm more just reflecting on the differences between them. Genevieve has always been a little more independent.

I went over the Dolch word list with Adrienne. I took her from the pre-primer words straight through the third grade words, and all the nouns. She only got 5 wrong. I was really proud of her. To test her spelling and handwriting I had her write out the pre-primer words (38 words). She got 5 wrong and wrote two letters backwards. Again, very proud of her. Her reading skills have taken great leaps and bounds over the summer. Then we did math... and I knew I should have had her do a little here and there over the summer and didn't. I practically had to start back at square one explaining her addition and subtraction again. We're going to need to work at math a lot this year. I don't have any worries about her reading. She loves it; often I catch her reading a book when she's supposed to be doing something else, like cleaning up a mess. I have threatened to take the book away if she doesn't obey, and the chore gets done mighty quick. She loves her books. She loves reading to her sisters and brother, which I love.

Charlotte didn't do any schooling, but she's only 3 so I don't feel like it's necessary to push her into it yet. She was good and played with Xander while we did our work. While we were working my friend Liz called and invited us to go watch Nanny McPhee Returns with them this afternoon. So when the girls were all done I rewarded them with the movie. They really enjoyed it. Xander even sat still through most of it. Charlotte was very attentive to the movie, except for about 5 minutes where she was up and moving around. We mostly had the theater to ourselves so I wasn't worried about her moving along the row in front of us. She has been drawing a lot more lately. I can see how she's mostly progressed from scribbles to trying to draw people and things. She doesn't seem to have a strong desire to draw people, though, she usually wants someone else to draw it for her. Sometimes she still scribbles and sometimes I can see a distinct face in what she's colored.

Xander is rapidly becoming a rotten little monkey. He has been climbing on everything. Onto chairs and tables. Onto footstools. Onto the paper shredder (I keep it unplugged so he can't get hurt on it). Problem of course is the little koosner can't climb back down off anything. I have to keep my chair pulled away from the computer desk because he will climb on top of it if I don't. I am going to go ahead and blame my sister's house for this. I don't think it would have occurred to him if he hadn't discovered stairs there. He also is a total poop machine. Every time I get his diaper off him he runs away and shats somewhere. I feel like he pooped 5 times today (only once on the floor, thank God). How in the world does he manage to create so much? He doesn't even eat that much! Aside from poop and climbing, though, he is an angel. He has become very generous with kisses. Oh! Little stinker that he is, he climbed up on my toilet and began throwing everything I had on the back of it onto the floor. When I scolded him for it he kissed me. Like that's going to make it all better! HA! WTH? He's too young for those tricks! Yes, an angel. I love hearing him play with the girls and run back and forth with them. He cackles and laughs so hard.

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