Thursday, February 04, 2010

Radiology ftw

So, a few days ago a girl I knew in college had a baby. ("Girl" might not be quite the right term since she's like 28, but I digress.) She and her husband were told at their 22 week ultrasound that they were having a girl. They were happy that their daughter would have a sister to play with, even though I get the distinct impression that she thinks her 2 boys are much easier to deal with.

They planned for the past 19 weeks for a girl.

When the beautiful little darling was born, with a head full of super thick dark hair, the doctor announced:

"She's a BOY!"

I am very happy for them, they are loving their newest addition even if he wasn't exactly what they expected. But, I still couldn't help but laugh at the whole scenario. I am sure they were in total shock for a few minutes. I know we were when we had our boy (we didn't find out but we totally expected another girl). I really think it's pretty hilarious.

Also, how the heck did the u/s tech MISS that? I thought it was supposed to be really obvious.

I thought this was going to be a really funny blog but it's kind of flopping. Maybe if I posted more I'd get back into the swing of being humorous. haha

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