Friday, February 05, 2010

Coolest kids on the planet.

I am so completely blessed. I have the four awesomest kids in the whole world. You could try to convince me that yours are cuter, funnier, smarter, etc., but I'd pretty much know you're a liar. I live with these kids 24-7. I know they're the best.

My sweet son, Xander B, has gotten to that stage where crawling babes begin to stand up, pulling themselves up on every object they can get a decent grip on. Including Mommy's legs. Which usually temporarily immobilizes Mommy when she has armloads of stuff. He stands there holding on crying to be picked up and I sway as I try to put up whatever items I have in my hands (food, sharp knives, baskets of laundry)... and as much as it interrupts my plans for getting crap around the house done I love it because he wants me. He loves me and he wants Mama's cuddles. That's pretty darn sweet. I can't wait till he gets bigger and starts saying all the hilarious things his sisters say.

This evening during dinner Genevieve said to me, "We are playing Chronicles of Narnia. I am Lucy!" I asked why she wanted to be Lucy and she replied, "Because I think she is pretty."

Now, you have to realize something. They haven't been watching the new Hollywood version of the Chronicles. Oh no. They got a set of audio CDs as a Christmas present from their uncles and have been listening to it every night before bed. In addition to that their friend next door lent them the old BBC Chronicles of Narnia movies. Which, if you haven't seen, Lucy is not particularly adorable. My siblings and I used to laugh about it (especially after the new movies came out) because you read the books and have this image in your head of what they look like... and here comes the BBC, God love them, with Buck-tooth-Lucy. My kids are SO much nicer than I am. haha

But I digress. Adrienne says, following Genevieve's "I am Lucy!" comments, "I wish Peter and Susan and Lucy and Edmund were real. That would be so cool!" How frikkin adorable is that?

Then while I gave them their bath Charlotte (who is just turned 3 a couple weeks ago) says to me, "I am Susan!" It was dang cute. They played in the bath for awhile and I turned around to grab their towels and, as I turned back, I see Genevieve has bubbles on her face and Adrienne has them on top of her head. Genevieve declares, "I am Santa and Adrienne is Mrs. Santa!"

I kick them out of the tub and send them to get jammies on. Take prune-toed Xander in to get a clean dry diaper and jammies on and next thing I know Charlotte is in my bedroom doorway wearing, not panties or jammies, but a pair of Adrienne's socks. Black socks, which, since they are Adrienne's come up to her knees. Butt nekkid except for knee socks. She's such a beautiful little twit.

The girls are in bed and my little drooling, leg grabbing, glasses stealer wants some Mommy time. Pulling on my leg and saying "Bub-bub-bub!"

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