Monday, February 22, 2010

the wants of a little princess

Last night we were discussing what to do for Genevieve's 5th birthday. I asked what Matt wanted to get her and he asked me "What does she want?"

Well hells bells, I don't know! Adrienne has gotten to that age where she will say for MONTHS what she wants for birthday, Christmas, etc. Genevieve doesn't ask for much, and doesn't usually ask unless you ask her what she wants. So, I promptly called her out and asked what she wanted.

"Uuuuhhhhmmmmmm.... a unicorn?"

"You already have a unicorn, you got one for Christmas, remember?" She should, it was the ONLY thing she asked for. Not that I'm opposed to getting her another one, I just thought she might like a little variety.

"Oh yeah!" She taps her chin thoughtfully for a moment and says, "How about a Barbie?"

Ugh. I was raised playing with Barbies and I turned out just fine, but really, for my little girls I am not fond of them. Basically I just don't think my children need to be playing with a boobiferous woman doll. I buy them Polly Pockets, which do have a little bit of the womanly shape, but they are tiny and don't have porn boobies like ol' Barb. I'm not a total weirdo, there are just some things I think they could be spared from for a few more years. Maintain a little innocence for awhile and let them believe in fairies and live in dress up clothing.

Anyway, I said to her, "But what if you don't get a Barbie, what else would you like?"

"Maybe a fairy doll with brown hair?"

Ok, I can deal with that.

When I related the conversation to Matt as soon as I said the word "Barbie" he said "Oh hell no!" Glad we're on the same page here.

Genevieve is such a sweet little girl, and she sees beauty in everything. Even stuff that makes me think "That is uglier than shiiiit!" I hope she's not too disappointed that she doesn't get that dang Barbie. lol

This afternoon Charlotte was running around in her undies (she'd gotten her clothing wet and stripped, she believes clothing is optional) so Genevieve went and got her new duds. Charlotte was a turd so Genevieve walked around holding that clothing for nearly 20 minutes before I scolded Charlotte to hurry up and get her dadgum clothing on.

So Charlotte is whining, hurts herself (which I don't feel sorry about because she was naughty) and comes and tells me, "Booger!" I am trying not to laugh at her because I know having a snotty nose sucks and feels gross, but she's pointing to her nose, teary eyed, and whining, "Booooger!" She knows where the kleenexes are, she could get them. I guess she just finds some sort of comfort in telling us; she does the same thing pretty much every time she has to pee, too.

Genevieve jumps up and says "I will get her a kleenex!" I continue feeding Xander. (Adrienne, meanwhile, was being a super-helper and getting him another container of babyfood because he was inhaling it. My big girl even opened it and peeled the foil off for me.)

I hear Genevieve say to Charlotte, "You still have some boogers in your hair...."


My arms full of a wriggling Xander and baby food slime I do what only a desperate mother would do to a sweet, loving, almost 5 year old girl.

"Genevieve, honey, will you just help her wipe it off her hair?"

And she happily obliged.

She is SUCH a good girl.

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