Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chicken little. That'd be me.

I have been attempting lately to get the kids in bed an hour earlier than their old bedtime. I am pretending this gives me an extra hour of quiet time and that I can also go to bed earlier (and thus wake up earlier)... so far I'm not entirely certain it's working but I'm going to pretend it is.

Yesterday I went and fed my friend A's dog because she went to the hospital to have her baby. When we went into the house he started barking like crazy and when I went in to get him out of his cage to feed him and let him go to the bathroom he bared his teeth at me... friend L told me that maybe he was just smiling but I'm not convinced. he was barking and when he bared his teeth like that he looked like Satan's dog.

When I went back to let him out at noon he jumped up and knocked me into the wall (I was secretly terrified he'd bite me and I'd be alone, mauled by a large dog... I left my kids with a friend the second time I went over because he scared the poo out of them). I managed to arrange to not have to go back over at all. L was originally supposed to go over but she had to go a couple hours away for her dad's birthday and then wound up needing emergency dental work done so I agreed to fill in for her.

Then I chickened out. But, it worked out in the end because A's parents were going to be coming into town and were taking care of the dog after that. And, I will forever have the story of Satan's dog to tell. Of course, I never want A to know I said that about their dog, but that encounter seriously freaked me out. I plied the dog with treats and tossed them ahead of me on the ground so he'd go after them and not jump at me.

I'm such a chicken shit. lol

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