Saturday, January 09, 2010

Peaceful moments.

I love walking around my house after my family has fallen asleep. I love looking in on them and seeing them all resting safe and peaceful in their beds. I love them in all sorts of moments and times and ways, but I think there is a special sort of pride-love-my-heart-is-about-to-burst feeling when I look at them while they sleep. They are mine and they are all so sweet and beautiful. Even when they lay there, mouths agape, and I chuckle a little, it moves me. I just want to squeeze them tight and never let them go.

I cherish the moments when out of the blue they come up to me for hugs. I love the way they make me feel special and important. No matter how tiring all the day to day junk is, even if they don't realize all the stuff I do for them, somewhere along the way they still end up thinking I am pretty great. It moves me; I know that I am terribly flawed and that I should be doing so much more for them, and they still think that I'm the best mother ever. They tell me so. They make me want to try harder and do better so I can prove them right. I hope they always love me this much and never see the ways in which I fail. Or if they see them I hope that they at least forgive me for it and still appreciate all the good things I have tried to do for them. I'm going to vote yes. haha

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