Friday, January 30, 2009


What kind of a parent lets their children ride scooters around the house? This one does... Adrienne and Genevieve each got a Razor scooter for Christmas (they were on sale at Toys R Us for about 15 dollars, and the kids had been begging for scooters for nearly a year... wasn't an option in Korea, and when we came back to the States there was so much going on that I never got around to it). Anyway, I don't know if this makes me awesome or awful. The kids, however, love "scooting" in circles around the house. I've got no real problems with it as long as they keep out of the kitchen while I'm cooking. They have lots of other boundaries and things that they are Absolutely Not Allowed To Do so it's not as though they're running wild and going loco. And I have to admit, I get a kick out of seeing them whiz past hooting out "Look at me, Mom!"

On another note, it's funny that sometimes the people you least expect to be friendly or take notice are the ones who you find out are really sweet people. Yesterday we were in Best Buy and Charlotte started to wander away from me. I called her back and waited, and when she didn't come immediately a young woman who had seen what happened scooped her up and brought her to me. I smiled and said thanks, but it was ok because she was just going to her Daddy, that was why I had waited to make sure where she was going. I suppose the kindness of strangers isn't really something to be surprised over, but this girl had her hair half dyed an odd yellowish green, had multiple piercings on her face, interesting choice in make-up application, and dressed like some sort of Emo-punk (I can never really tell the difference so I lump them all together. They'd probably have heart attacks if they knew.) Not that I usually judge people by appearances, but I didn't expect anyone to pay particular attention to a pregnant woman with a (seemingly) wayward toddler, but if I'd been asked to rank people nearby on a scale of 1 to 10 she may not have been near the top of my list of "possible helpers." (And the group of guys playing Guitar Hero would have been dead last.) She told me she has a 1 year old so she understood what it was like to be chasing after them all the time. Later on I saw her with her husband-boyfriend-whatever, he was pushing the cart with their little boy sitting in the seat. That's something my husband would be doing, too. Sometimes we find similarities in the strangest places.

I also looked at some lenses for my camera... I tried not to drool, too much. Not that I was going to buy one right then any way, but I like to look. I hefted up some of the other models, some Nikons, and fancier Canons... Nikons felt too bulky to me, I have little hands. And I decided that I probably will never really upgrade from the series of Canon that I have now because I didn't like how much heavier the others were. Add weight of lenses... well, toting a really heavy camera is just not for me. Sure, I might fall in love with the specs but there are other things to consider, and if I didn't like it just from picking it up in the store no way am I going to like carrying it around for actual daily use. So there ya have it. Not that I had actually actively considered upgrading at this point, I don't intend to get another camera unless/until this one dies on me, but when I take that leap it will be for more of the same, not an actual upgrade.

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Laura H. said...

i like the wide array of personality types that make up my friend group for the very reason you stated. many of my friends would probably not strike up conversation on the street because of seemingly different lifestyles/morals/whatever - but i know how truly similar and wonderful they all are.

i sometimes like to imagine i could be that weird girl no one suspects to be nice and interesting. i guess i think this way because i really believe i'll be all tatted up one day and probably not be the poster child for conservative, republican, pro-life america.

speaking of which, i was thinking about appearances at it relates to the pro-life cause today too. thanks for reminding me...