Thursday, January 08, 2009

PT, mom style

Potty training; an adventure for the whole family! At least it seems to be that way (lately) in our house. For my first two kids it was a relatively calm event. They had both already hit and passed their second birthdays. Adrienne was nearly 2.5, and Genevieve was a couple months past her 2nd birthday when we undertook the endeavor. Training, when we really got down to it, happened quickly, they abandoned diapers of their own volition and even stopped peeing at night (this was never really an issue with them anyway, praise God).

Charlotte, for some INSANE reason, my husband decided to start training while I was suffering morning sickness. She was probably around the 20 month mark. She's finally catching on (she will be 2 later on this month). And when she does decide it's time she doesn't come tell me she has to go (and trying to MAKE her go and sit when she doesn't have to is never succesful), but usually when she does her big sister Genevieve is in there with her. And NO ONE is more excited over her progress than Genevieve. She comes out yelling gleefully "Charlotte PEEDED on the POTTY!"

Now you see why I devoted a blog to discussing toilet training my children. Simply so I could point out how joyful my darling 3 year old is. Who, coincidentally, is so skinny that her underpanties fit Charlotte better than they fit her.

Right now, Genevieve the Joyful is prancing around in a pink satiny dress-up dress with a strand of pink plastic beads around her neck. She's so freakin' cute. Charlotte, panty-clad, is sitting next to me brushing her hair. She thinks she's so grown up. Adrienne is *ahen* still in her pajamas and playing alphabet games on the computer. But at least she's learning something!

Matt called me from the grocery store (seriously, he's awesome) and asked if I wanted anything. If he'd told me he was going this morning I could have just told him to take the list off the top of the microwave, but whatever, he's DOING the grocery shopping so I'm not going to complain if he has to call me multiple times to ask again what kind of beans I want for the chili (which I HAVE to make since now THREE friends have mentioned making/eating chili and I'm seriously craving it).

You know what else sounds good? Apple crisp, or cobbler, or pie. I don't care which, just some sweet, cinnamony, baked apple dessert. Preferably a la mode.

I'm making myself hungry.

Ultrasound appointment bright and early tomorrow morning. Whee! Maybe I'll post back then with another picture. :)

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Laura H. said...

maybe? MAYBE?! come on, kate!!

also, chili is so good. it's my favorite. i love chili.

chili chili chili