Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lazy days at home

These last couple of months have been super hectic between various appointments, dinners with friends, and events and activities we've been a part of. I'm trying my best to just hang out at home and do nothing aside from the necessary household tasks. I want the lazy days of summer and it already feels like it's flying by without me.

Last month my two big girls "bridged" to the next level in Girl Scouts. They were so proud of themselves. It's been a good year for all three girls, GS has really had a positive impact on them and I am glad of it. I was really, really reluctant to sign them up because I hate schedules. It's turned out to be a lot less of a hassle than I feared. They're all sad that this season is ending for the summer and looking forward to what they'll be doing next year. I'm glad we've got a break from at least one obligation each week, now, though.

My boy turned three last month. THREE. I still can't get over it. And in a couple months my baby is going to turn nine. That one blows my mind even more. It's hard to believe, when they are itty bitty, that they will ever get this big and independent. Now that I have a little glimpse of what's to come I quake in my boots at the thought of them all reaching and surpassing that stage. I'm going to miss them being little and innocent and curious about the world around them.

Lastly, a curious aside, some creep found my blog by searching for "nude girls' pooping the toilet." Whoever you are, pal, you are fucked up.

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