Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daily things

I've been spending most of this week being pretty lazy. It's been nice.  (Only one obligation on my calendar [this week] for a change.)  I've been using some of my time to work on sewing and craft projects. Today I made an adorable little apron-ed dress for Charlotte. She thinks it's the bees knees.

I've been doing a bit of summer school with the girls this year because I want to keep them brushed up on what they learned last year. The review period at the beginning of the school year makes me want to rip my hair out so I'm trying to avoid that this year. I'm liking our summer routine thus far. Today I feel more like I have a grasp on summer rather than it running away from me.

Yesterday I made some more yogurt (that's a lie, I made yogurt the day before and strained it yesterday) and a lemon chess pie.

First, the pie. I'd never really had a chess pie before, but it sounded damned good so I decided I wanted one. I probably should have let it bake a little longer so it would set better, but from the description of "jiggliness" it looked right to me. I topped it off with a light lemony-cream cheese glaze.

Now, truth be told, it looks pretty delicious. Tasted delicious, too. But, it still pissed me off. Know why? Have you ever had lemon chess pie before? No? Don't waste your time. Go make lemon bars instead. Because it's easier and that's EXACTLY what it tastes like. In pie form, though, it's actually almost too much. It's really, really sweet.

The yogurt was, as usual, a complete success. Thick and creamy and wonderful.

This was right after I plopped it out of the draining cloth:

And this was after I stirred it (because the middle will naturally be a little more moist than the stuff that was directly against the cloth as it strained), smooth and creamy:

Then I separate out about a cup of yogurt to save for making the next batch. Yes, labeling it IS necessary or someone will eat that whole cupful for lunch.

And THIS lasts us about 3 days, tops. Because my yogurt pwns and my family eats it like it's going out of style. The last time I made it I had 10 little bowls in the fridge. The next evening we were down to 2. That's a lot of pro-biotic going on.

Last, but certainly not least, is my Charlotte in her new dress. It took me a couple hours to knock out, but that's small potatoes, and she is so happy with it. Right now she's walking around the house carrying her teddy in the apron. "Mama, look! I'm carrying my teddy with this instead of holding it with my hands!" She's such a trip.

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