Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Can I sleep till it's over?

Last Sunday Charlotte wasn't feeling well. This past Sunday Genevieve came down with a fever in the afternoon. Yesterday everyone was great. Today Xander came down with a fever, too. While Genevieve just stayed quietly on the sofa and rested until she was up to moving around more and eating, Xander has been sleeping most of the day. When he isn't sleeping he's crying and wants me to hold him constantly. Very much abnormal for him. He loves his hugs, cuddles, snuggles, and holding onto, but not like this.

He woke up while I was preparing dinner and I had to bail so I could console him. Thankfully Matt was home and I handed the reigns over to him. With step by step instructions he made some damn fine quesadillas. Luckily I had already knocked out the salsa and guacamole. While Matt cooked I carried Xander back to his room, had Adrienne fetch me my kindle, and read him Penrod and Sam till he fell asleep.

To all the Kindle haters out there, stuff it. :P I love the feel of a book as much as anyone, but there are certain times where an e-reader is a complete Godsend. Today was definitely one of them. I have a feeling I'll be busting it out again later tonight. The boy has slept so much today he's sure to wake up in the middle of the night bouncing off the walls. I'll probably pull out the sofa bed and turn on a movie so I can sleep while he watches Diego or something if that happens.

Stay tuned, I plan to post another family oriented post later, hopefully full of news of good health and nothing icky.

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Susan Miller said...

I hear you! Thankfully my kids seem to have gotten over it now. Praying yours do soon