Thursday, January 05, 2012


I'm just going to pretend that October was NOT the last time I actually updated this sad little heap of a blog. Life has been busy. We went on a long road trip for a wedding and then Thanksgiving. When we got back home we began preparing to move into a new house. As soon as we were in the new house it was Christmas and we had company in town for the holiday. It's just been one big thing after another. Not that I'm complaining, it's all been grand for the most part (with a few minor hiccups), it's just been busy and sitting and thinking and pretending to be creative has gone TOTALLY to the wayside.

The other night I was on skype with my sisters and brother. As we were talking I was cooking (I don't even remember what... cookies, I think) and I kept showing them my ingredients. I like to tease them with all the wonderful things I make. I figure maybe some day it will convince one of them to come visit me for a change (frankly, being the one doing all the long distance driving gets frikkin' old fast). My brother told me he could see me as one of those people who does food blogging. I told him I would if I actually had any original recipes to share. But then I thought about it again, and ya know what? I could totally blog what I cook anyway and just say "this is a family recipe, I don't know where it came from" or "I took this from XYZ cookbook." Not that I plan on converting this to a food blog, I have way too much random shit in my life to do that. But, along with adding more photography when I get off my ass and apply myself to the task, food blogging might be fun. And I would get to reap the rewards in a very real way. Kill two birds with one stone. Or three birds. Dinner, photography, and blogging.

It's a thought.

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The Ranter said...

I think it would be great! I'm jealous when I read your facebook statuses about cooking.