Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Amazed. Really.

Tonight it's Castle and cocktails. And if I am still inclined to watch more I'll just move on to something else. I have no idea what... Matt is playing his new PS3 game--pre-ordered birthday gift for him so he got it on the release day instead of on his birthday--which means the TV will be busy for some time to come. So no Netflix unless I use my computer.

I just had to tell my 4 year old that she needs to wear pants with her night gown because she's gotten so tall and it's way too short. That's one of the things I never really figured on having to say to kids.

Speaking of pants. Today I am wearing some capri leggings and a longish shirt. I wasn't really concerned with just how long it is because I didn't go anywhere except out in the yard to play with the kids today. My husband comes home, we eat dinner, and I am standing at the sink washing dishes when he comes out and says (you ladies are going to howl over this one) "Why does it look like your butt is sticking out farther than normal?"

Yes. He really said that.

I told him "Because I'm wearing skin tight pants and a shirt that doesn't come down far enough to cover my ass. And for the record, that's one of those things that you shouldn't really ever say to a woman."

He defended himself saying he'd only said it because he liked it (maybe TMI, but on the other hand if my husband didn't like my ass we'd probably have some issues) and that he'd never say it to someone else. I laughed at him.

Ok, OJ, vodka, Midori, and Chambord. DELICIOUS. You can thank me later. ETA: I forgot I added a couple ounces of 7up for a dash of carbonation. I made a second one and didn't add it, and then remembered and added it to the second half of the drink. It's better with the 7up.


The Ranter said...

Ugh, I so wish that you lived closer. 1. I'd come to steal your booze when I'm out. (You have good taste.) 2. To watch Castle with you. 3. To let our kids hang out.

iceprincesskrs said...

I totally would be up for that. I hate living so far away from awesome people that I'd love to hang out with all the time.