Thursday, August 14, 2008

drinkin' alone

So tonight I'm tipsy and lonely. Four glasses of wine and no contact with husband for a few days does that to a woman. Or, at least does that to a woman desperately in love with her husband. I last saw him Sunday afternoon. And I missed him the second he was gone. I expected a phone call saying goodnight. No call. I thought, well I DID see him today, so I'll just hear from him tomorrow instead. No call. Dammit, I thought. No call the next day, either. I finally figured they were keeping him too busy to call or had instituted a new rule forbidding phone calls for awhile. This evening he finally called. After a stressful day his voice was like salve to my wounds.

He heals me. He cures me. He comforts, consoles. He loves. He makes me complete.

I know this sounds like some ridiculous tripe out of a cheesy romance novel... but this is my life. He is my life. (Well, him and our kids.) And only to get more romance-y, drinking tends to make me... well, in a word, horny. If he were here I'd probably want to seduce him. It wouldn't take much effort. (cue: laughter) I'd really appreciate just talking to him face to face, but the feel, taste, and scent of him would certainly be welcome.

So, instead of seduction or just contact with husband in general, I took photos. Wine drinking photos. Ya gotta channel that energy somewhere, right? I was thinking, as I photoshopped off a blemish, that it's a good thing I was tipsy. Because normally, under any other circumstance, I'd have seen that picture after taking it and thought "Eesh!" (which, coincidentally, though I do not know the correct spelling, is Korean for "Shit!") and deleted it. But, after taking a couple pictures of the wine filled glass I was inspired and ran upstairs and put on the reddest lipstick I own (which made me decide I need something redder) and took a couple more pictures. I am hoping that I captured something of the glowing warm fuzzy tipsy feeling you get after a couple glasses. It might need more photoshopping to soften the hard lines, it doesn't seem quite soft enough for the image I wanted to project... but the angle is perfect.

And now I'm sober again. Hmmm.... It's ok. Mr. Perfect has staff duty and just signed onto google chat. AWESOME! Forget Mr. Perfect. He's Captain Awesome. And I can chat with him till 2 am. And I will.

wine mmmmmmmm

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