Sunday, August 10, 2008

better than nothing

I'm not 100% satisfied with these images, the lighting was poor and (I think) because I used the timer the flash didn't go off as expected. I'll have to do some photoshopping, I guess. Or corner Matt next week for some better shots. I also should have zoomed in more but I wanted to get in the kids standing on the floor...

(I did crop this particular shot just a bit.)

Anyway, today we got to spend a few hours with Matt. They let him take some time to go to Church and whatnot so we picked him up at 7:20 (anyone who knows me knows that I think this is an ungodly hour to be getting out of bed haha) and came home, had a nice breakfast, went to Mass, and then came back home and had some family time before having to take him back

Watching Matt walk from the barracks door to the car... it was an amazing sight. First, I've missed him a lot this past week. Being apart is never easy whether its a week or a year. I hate it either way. But, he also just plain looked freaking awesome. I think I might have drooled a little. You could see the... I can't think of the right words to use here, I want to say pride, but thats not right... maybe confidence? Thats not quite it, either... he just had this air about him. Everyone else outside the building was lounging and smoking, he walked out (carrying his laundry bag) with his head held high, purpose in his step... you could tell this was a man with goals... purpose driven... he is going places. It makes me a little giddy thinking that he's mine. (WOOT!)

When he got in the car he told me that when the others saw the car drive up and him walking towards it they said "Is that your taxi?" (A lot of the taxis on post are minivans) and he said "No, thats my wife." They replied "Oh, man, you're lucky!" They couldn't see me otherwise they'd have known I wasn't a taxi driver. They just thought it was awesome that his wife would come get him first thing in the morning. Well, frankly, what wife in her right mind wouldn't? (I suppose if the man is a jackass she wouldn't, but for the sake of argument he's as great as my husband.) She'd have to be awfully insensitive... or maybe just plain dumb. I was willing to get up at 5 if I had to to go get him (I was thankful when he said 7:20). I mean, when you only have 7:20 till 2:15 are you really going to waste any of that precious little time? I don't think so.

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