Monday, May 30, 2011


Normally I don't like to complain... and this isn't really a complaint per se, so much as it is a small discourse on being grateful. ...I think.

I am now officially 2 weeks post deployment. I never talked about deployment and separation during the fact because I don't like to publicize when we're here alone. It weirds me out.

Having Matt home is amazing and wonderful. And a little surreal. It's nice having someone else to take the trash out. And play with the kids at the park. And let me take naps. I didn't like to complain about him being gone or doing everything on my own because I feel like that's a crappy tactic. We chose this lot in life together. Being there for our kids and filling in when Daddy is away is my job. I never thought it'd be a cake walk. I'm not going to simper and complain about how hard it is. You just take one day at a time and do what you gotta do.

But dang it's nice that it's over. Xander has a new hero. Or an old hero restored. I'm not sure, probably a bit of both. But he's super stoked and thinks Matt is the best thing in the whole world (I have to agree). I love it. I love watching the girls pal around with him. They think everything he does is amazing. It makes my heart happy.

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