Monday, January 10, 2011

It was a long day.

Yesterday was just a terribly long day. In fact, it's just been a long weekend. Saturday I spent tending a child who threw up almost all day. Yesterday I skipped Mass because I was unwilling to wake her early after her day of illness. I was also afraid one of the others would start in. Thankfully that hasn't happened yet.

(Prepare for gross mom-ish discussion of child's illness.)

I am still leery of it, though, especially because one of my girls just can't seem to make it to a bucket, wastebasket, or toilet in time. Stomach bugs are stressful when you have an unpredictable puker. With the other two I can give them a bucket and know that I can leave the room and they will be ok. I rush in to help them anyway but the bucket is serving it's purpose. The other girl, though, is a mess. She panics, doesn't know what to do, and completely disregards the bucket.

Did I mention my house is carpeted?

I let the girls "play makeup" while Xander was napping and wound up wiping lipstick smears off walls and doors all over the place. Xander did a fair share of climbing, spilling, and general boy havoc. By bedtime I was ready for them to fall asleep quickly (that rarely happens). Xander, of course, napped late so he was up half the night.

This mother must have her quiet time after the children are in bed. I love my kids, but everyone needs a break. I don't get it when I pee or when I shower, but dang it I am going to get it if it means I stay up till 3 AM! After a day of sick kids and a baby boy who won't go to bed at a reasonable hour for 2 nights running I was ready to crack open a bottle of wine and ignore the whole world. I didn't. But I totally could have.


The Diatribist said...

I'm so sorry. Random pukers are the worst. My sister (16 yo) puked in her sleep the other night. Ewww.

Matthew said...

Paniky pukers purposely puke in pools. Or something like that.