Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nail biters. Argh.

Today I had to run Charlotte up to the ER urgent care clinic. Nothing serious. She has a paronychia infection on her finger (probably from biting her fingernails). Thursday I noticed it was a little red. Friday it was a tiny bit swollen and I discovered the evidence of infection so I cleaned it and put on some Neosporin. This morning when we woke up her finger was pretty swollen at the tip and redder than yesterday. Since I'd already cleaned it out and had been topically treating it and it looked worse they put her on oral antibiotics. It's a pretty common infection but when I saw it was swollen I didn't want to risk it getting really bad. Charlotte doesn't seem to notice the difference. She's a pretty tough girl. The hardest part of her recovery is going to be keeping her dang fingers out of her mouth and nose. I already bought that nail biter funky polish and applied it to both Charlotte and Genevieve's nails. I hope it works.

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