Thursday, June 25, 2009

time to decompress

So I have been trying to think of a creative blog for at least a week now and nothing has been coming to me. I start writing and it's been totally lame. I decided that I needed to start doing my 15 Minutes of Me Time again. I have barely done it since leaving Korea, and I know that with Xander it will be harder to pick up right now, but it will be worth it. I can devote more of that time to blogging, and the self-reflection is good for me. Heck, 15 minutes alone, preferably with some peace and quiet is good for me even if I don't blog or self-reflect. I totally get why my sister in law sends her kids up to their rooms for an hour or so of naps or quiet time (depending on how old they are) every day.

Lately I've been mad at myself (sort of) because I still have 25 lbs of baby weight that I need to lose. I just want to shed it so I can wear my normal clothes again. I have to keep reminding myself that it took me a good 4-5 months to get back into my regular jeans after having Charlotte, and I gained about the same amount with Xander. I'm not going to magically be back into my old jeans one month after his birth. My body just doesn't work that way. Gain 50 lbs and it's going to take some time to shed that. Duh. So I look in the mirror and think "Ew, I have such a flabby stomach and a fat ass," but eventually I know it'll be gone. I just have to try and remember that when I am thinking about how I look like some nasty old man with a beer gut. Ew.

Speaking of old men, earlier today I was looking at some photos of a woman I know who is married to an older man. She's 26 or 27 and the guy she's married to looks at least 10 or 12 years older, possibly more (I've never met the guy). I think he looks older but I'm trying to give the benefit of a doubt here. Personally, I think he looks like he's (at least) in his early 40s. Not in stellar shape (but then again who am I to judge?), but not an ugly guy. Anyway, point is, it makes me wonder why young women fall for older guys. I know there has to be something there, some attraction, some pull, but to me it would be way too weird. It would just make me think of my dad or my uncles. It's difficult to make the connection to "I can see why she's attracted to him" when I've got this image of my uncle Joe in my head (and he's the cooler, better looking uncle).

I have weird hang-ups, though. Beards and mustaches, for instance, creep me out. I know guys (my brother included) who look great with facial hair (and I have no problem admitting it), but I could never, ever date a guy with it. I thank Jesus that Matt is like minded on this one. He can barely go 24 hours without shaving. Friday night when he gets home he'll say he's not shaving all weekend and by Saturday night he's got out the razor.

Ya know what else I don't get? iPhones. Cell phone plans are pricey enough as it is, why would you buy a device that requires you to add an additional 30 bucks (PER PHONE, so if you have 2 phones on your plan that's 60 bucks extra) just to use it? We have a 2 phone plan, the lowest plan ATT offers, and we still average about 80 dollars per month after all the taxes and junk. Do I want to add an additional 30-60 bucks on that? Heeeeelllls no. The iPhone is just not THAT cool. Not that I wouldn't mind upgrading my 3 year old phone that's been dropped in the bathtub twice, but I can handle a modest little phone. One that won't cost me extra money every month just because I want a cool gadget.

I subject jump way too much. I could have made this into 4 blogs. haha On the upside I've had about 30 minutes of mostly uninterrupted "me" time. I did have to tell the girls to pick up some toys, and Xander is on my lap because he was getting fussy, but moments like this don't always come this easily. I have been staying up late so I can have a little bit of semi-quiet (I still have Xander with me) where there aren't as many demands on me as there are during the day. I wouldn't trade my lot in life for anything, but a girl needs a little peace and quiet every now and then.

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yay for 15 minutes!!